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Jun 15, 2010 05:56 AM

ISO Empanada cases

I want to experiment with making empanadas. Does anyone know where I can find the shells? Hopefully it will be somewhere easily reachable by public transit/in Center City.

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  1. Why not make your own? It's basically just pie crust. Empanadas are usually cooked in the raw dough, not in pre-cooked shells. I suppose if you didn't want to make your own you could buy a frozen pie crust, roll it flat and cut it into circles.

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    1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

      Yes, I've made them before and they are basically pie crust. I'm sure you could get a recipe on foodnetwork or one of the other sites. I found the trick was to roll them out as thin as possible. They came out very well.

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        I've also seen puff pastry sheets used for empanadas. Not traditional, but delicious and easy.

      2. I found shells in the freezer at our local Pathmark made by Goya. Even Whole Foods carries something called Discos in their freezer.

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          I've gotten the Goya brand at Superfresh in the freezer section as well. They worked well.

        2. A friend of mine from Argentina often makes a dough from bisquick for her empanadas. Not bad, but I usually just knock out a pate brisee in the food processor. If you're going for authentic, use lard not butter.