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Brookings to Bandon....Where to eat???

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  • EAH Jun 15, 2010 12:53 AM
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My Husband and I, along with the 2 fur children are heading up to the Oregon Coast over the July 4th weekend. It will be our first trip and we will be staying in Brookings and in Bandon. Any advice on where to eat and what to do????

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  1. Have a great trip, it is gorgeous here! The weather is wonderful right now and if it gets too chilly/misty on the beach take a trip up any of the rivers for a little sunshine. Also the following opinion is based on the opinions of a family of four tasters/explorers (everyone usually tastes everybody else's dish and occasionally guests. (we don't play the tasting game with most guests)


    Cafe Kitanishi (in Brookings proper, West of the 101) - http://www.cafekitanishi.com is our all time favorite. Whether you like sushi or not everything on their menu is delicious, and I can't say that about anyplace else on this section of the coast. Steak, chicken, tempura, Bento boxes, burger all very good. Their sushi is exceptional. Sam the chef is old school Japanese and I just can't say enough about his skill. He has my husband of 18 yrs, who does not like fish of any kind snarfing down sashimi and loving it! When we lived in Brookings we went there often. We now live about an hour away and still stop by if we're in town of make a special trip for special occasions.

    O's Steak House: (on the North end of Brookings, East side of 101) http://www.ohollerans.com/Os/Home.html Aged, hand cut steaks. The seafood and fish can be a bit hit or miss. We usually stick to the traditional steak house fare and did have a great lobster there once. Great drinks. I miss their old steak house decor.

    Oceanside Diner: ( in the habor near the 101 over pass) - http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid... or http://brookings.chamberbusinessgatew... Open for breakfast and lunch till 1:30 this place is tops on the breakfast front. The chef is CCI trained and while the diner has definitely got down home down pat the special touches, quality of food and some interesting menu choices show the chef's abilities. We've only been for breakfast as we no longer live down there but I'm sure lunch would be just as great. Fun fact: the fifth wheel trailer parked out front is for catering not recreation.

    Sebastion's (previously Smuggler' Cove) ( in the harbor across from the Best Western) - http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid... - I do not recommend this place unless you want to comfortably watch the fourth of July fireworks. It is the only ocean view dining in Brookings/Harbor but the service is ehh to bad and the food is usually a miss and sometimes awful and a bit spendy to boot. My Dad likes to go there for the view (always complains afterward) so we've been at all times of day and year. Oh, on the fourth of July its easiest for us to sit in the bar as I can get up and order/retrieve from the bar tender.

    On the Board Walk (in the harbor) - The Happy Clam for consistently good fish and chips and Slugs and Stones for creamy, custardy ice cream.

    Wild Rivers Pizza (south of the 101 bridge on the East side) Good Chicago style thin crust and micro brews. Very noisy.

    Cielito Lindo - taqueria (in the former Texaco) - http://www.livestrong.com/business-ci... Great taco truck type stuff. Take it to go and have a pic-nic at the Beach or Azalea park and watch the fur kids run around (leash laws are lenient as long as the kids mind their manners and parents pick up after). Azalea Park has beautiful and easy trails they also have free concerts and a lovely chapel. It's also in the middle of the 2nd Saturday Art walk and just down the hill from the Manley Art Center.

    Pancho's and Rancho Viejo (North end of town) both are good MexAmerican reastaurants with good service and food. Honestly they are pretty much interchangable with Pancho's having closer seating and great albondigas soup and Rancho having the more private booth seating and no albondigas soup. Cheap lunch specials.

    Chan's (Harbor) Traditional (1950's) Chinese/American. Lunch/Dinner specials.

    Woof's dog Bakery: http://www.woofsdogbakery.com/ (locations in Harbor, Brookings, Gold Beach and Bandon) Yes, even the fur children have a place.

    *Do Not Recommend
    La fleur do Mexico
    Onion Grill
    Flying Gull

    Gold Beach (on you way to Bandon


    I can only recommend two here and Yes we've tried everything (high to low) except the Bridge which just recently opened.

    Rollin in Dough - (East of the Wedderburn store on the North East side of bridge) http://www.yelp.com/biz/rollin-in-dou... Quaint little house with a lovely deck, delicious baked goods and bistro style food.

    Barnacle Bistro - (East side of 101) http://www.barnaclebistro.com/ Beefy local grass fed burgers, tasty fish and chips and sweet potato fries. Daily fresh specials and lovely micro brews.

    Do Not Recommend:
    Y-Knot cafe (I'll tell you why not! I can nuke my own food, thank you


    To do: search for agates on the beach or river. Take a Jerry's Jet boat up the Rogue http://www.roguejets.com/ - check out the art at the Gold Rush Center ( West side of 101



    I have probably eaten in this town a dozen or more times but we're still looking. Thai Thai which came recommended had lovely shrimp but put sweat and sour sauce (ala Chinese/American) on the Pad Thai, but someone with more knowledge of Thai food would probably be able to order well or ask for changes. The service was excellent.

    Bandon Fish Market: http://www.bandonfishmarket.com/order... is the next on our list to try - it has come highly recommended but as there are no libations (long drive) we just haven't made it a priority. Now that the weather is good I think we'll take it to go and have a pic nic.

    Have a wonderful fourth - all of the above towns will have stuff going on in their ports along with fireworks and usual galleries etc. Have fun and enjoy the views. Please report back with anything you find or what you thought of the coastal food. I love to hear outside opinions, sometimes people are just to close to be objective. (maybe me :}


    Oceanside Diner
    16403 Lower Harbor Rd, Brookings, OR 97415

    O's Steak House
    1210 Chetco Ave, Brookings, OR 97415

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      I've eaten at the Bandon Fish Market. I don't recall too much about the food itself (typical fish and chips etc), but eating outside was memorable. It is right on the waterfront. There's a glass enclosed shelter nearby if the wind is too much. Downtown with its shops and such is only a block away, so it easy to park, eat, and then browse.

      1. re: just_M

        Wow just_M! !!
        I hadn't had any response on this for so long that i just stopped checking. I just happened to see your post today.
        Thanks for the wonderful run down of places to go and avoid.
        Priceless info and much appreciated.

        1. re: EAH

          I forgot to say to check out the hours or cafe Ketanishi, they close in between lunch and dinner and I think are closed Sunday/Monday.

          Also Loeb Park about 15min up the North Bank Chetco would be a fun and sunny place to take the fur kids and go for a swim if your so inclined. We were down visiting friends over the weekend and it was lovely.

      2. I've only visited Bandon a few times, but enjoyed lunch at 2 Loons Cafe, which I admit is owned by a woman I very casually knew in our former home town.

        Dinner at Alloro Wine Bar and Restaurant was delightful. My friend and I tasted each other's and we both had appetizers and main courses (or pastas). On the pricey side, but delicious with really nice wine.

        Have fun!

        2 Loons Cafe
        120 2nd St SE, Bandon, OR 97411

        Alloro Wine Bar & Restaurant
        375 2nd St SE, Bandon, OR 97411

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        1. re: oregoncook

          I just wanted to thank everyone for the the recommendations and ideas....here we go!

          1. re: oregoncook

            I thought the Alloro was heavenly! I cannot wait to go back. We were glad to find this after our two favorites closed over the years (Keefer's and Andrea's).
            We had lunch once at the 2 Loons and that was ok but the service was a little iffy. Last year we ate at Wheelhouse and it was mediocre. Not bad but a foodie has to have somewhere that delights the senses! High Dock Bistro has no handicap access and with a daughter in a wheelchair, it was a no go. Can't give full reviews of the Wild Rose because they messed up our reservation, stuck us in a corner and forgot about us. We left without eating. McFarlin's fish and chips were beyond blah. I hope that helps.

            1. re: oregoncook

              It's a little late in the game, but I have to add my two cents about Alloro. We just got back from 10 days in Seattle, Portland, Bandon and Cannon Beach. By far, our most enjoyable meal was at Alloro in Bandon. My wife loves fried zucchini flowers. When I saw them on the menu, I told her she had to try them. I don't know if it was a special or the way they are normally prepared, but the blossoms were wrapped around a piece of dungeness crab. Heavenly. I had the dungeness crab bisque. Unbelievable. Next, my wife had the halibut in pesto rub with the arborio rice cake. It was a large piece of fresh halibut, cooked to perfection. I had a special which they called cacciucco, but what I would have called cioppino - fish stew. It was mussels, clams, shrimp, halibut and dungeness crab in the most delicious, thick red-brown soup. We ended the night with vin santo and biscotti. I wish we could go back.

              1. re: tuttobene

                Thanks for the feedback tuttobene. We'll make a point of trying Alloro next time we're in Bandon.

              2. re: oregoncook

                Well the trip was lovely. The weather was perfect. We fell in love with Bandon, it was beautiful, albeit windy. We walked all over old town Bandon trying to find a dog friendly restaurant. No restaurants had outdoor dining ( I'm sure that's due to the wind ).We were so delighted to find that 2 Loons was the only restaurant that offered outdoor seating.They were quite busy when I walked in but I noticed plenty of open seating on the patio. I asked the older lady at the counter if we could eat on the patio with our 2 small dogs and she very abruptly said " No, no dogs allowed." I reiterated that we would be outdoors and informed her my dogs are very well behaved, and that we take our dogs regularly to restaurants in Carmel. I also let her know that she had come highly recommended to us. She quite rudely stated she was the owner and it was her personal policy not to allow pets. She then VERY sweetly said" Please thank the person who recommended us." I turned around and I was walked out I muttered " Not bloody likely" Everyone else was more than accomodating. .

                2 Loons Cafe
                120 2nd St SE, Bandon, OR 97411

                1. re: EAH

                  Unfortunately, that doesn't sound unusual for 2 Loons. I can't even recall the exact issue but it was enough to turn us off from wanting to return.

                  2 Loons Cafe
                  120 2nd St SE, Bandon, OR 97411

                  1. re: EAH

                    Don't be too harsh on the owner of 2 Loons for not breaking the law to accomodate your animals. You see, Current Oregon law prohibits animals from being at places where food is sold unless it's a service dog. I've eaten there several times and the food is always good, although the service is a little iffy.

                    2 Loons Cafe
                    120 2nd St SE, Bandon, OR 97411

                2. Hi all - I figured it would probably be best to use this existing thread since you already have some great suggestions on here.

                  Do any of the suggestions already made qualify as having great seafood, or should we maybe expand our search from the section between Bandon and Florence?

                  Preferably we'd rather have the seafood for dinner in the Brookings to Bandon section as we're heading southward from Florence, but we're pretty flexible about things. Also, a view is nice but is definitely not a must if the food is good (we're going to be stopping at beaches anyway to get our views). Thanks in advance!

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                  1. re: josquared

                    Don't know if this is too late a reply for your trip, josquared, but you might want to look at some of the options in Port Orford, which is the quaintest little seaside village, a little bit south of Bandon.

                    We enjoyed our fish and chips dinner at Crazy Norwegians (report here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7247... ), but you may be looking for something fancier (or just not fried).

                    Along those lines, you might consider Redfish (http://redfishportorford.com/), which is supposed to open August 5th. I believe the owner runs an art gallery next door.

                    Can't vouch for the food, obviously, but we scoped out the restaurant site, and it should offer the best views in town, overlooking picturesque Battle Rock City Park (and the Pacific Ocean, of course).

                    Crazy Norwegians
                    259 Sixth St, Port Orford, OR 97465

                    1. re: abstractpoet

                      Thanks Poet! Trip is scheduled for a month from now, so all those suggestions are great (it'll be interesting to see what Redfish offers.)

                      I was thinking my GF might want something a little fancier than fish & chips, but maybe that will do us just fine then, depending on what we get done earlier in the trip in places like Bend and Eugene.

                      1. re: josquared

                        Also in Port Orford, Paula's Bistro has positive mentions in Sunset Magazine and, I believe, the New York Times. Fancier than fish and chips, but perhaps not as seafood focused as what you're looking for.

                        Redfish definitely looked like the fanciest place in town, even though it hadn't opened yet when we were there. The only review I could find online so far is a positive one (though it should be taken with a grain of salt given that it was for a special preview dinner):


                        Please report back, wherever you end up going!

                        Paula's Bistro
                        236 Sixth St, Port Orford, OR 97465

                        1. re: abstractpoet

                          Had lunch at Redfish 3 weeks ago and it was absolutely delightful. Food, service, decor, ambiance, and the view! All wonderful.

                  2. Continuing on this thread since it so highly influenced our recent trip on Oregon's south coast.

                    Brookings: Took advice on Cafe Kitanishi. Thought it was very good. Enjoyed the Hakutsuru sake, sushi we had first, and entres of salmon and seared ahi tuna. Partner utterly enjoyed coconut cake dessert. It was good, but I was just too full to even give it a fair shake.

                    Gold Beach: Barnacle Bistro - Had really good fried fish sandwich, according to partner, and tasty 1/2 portobello panini.

                    Port Orford: Paula's Bistro was sensational. Duck Confit Cassoulet was delicious! Partner said his Halibut was the best he'd ever had. Both evening specials.

                    Bandon: Alloro did not disappoint us. Neither of us could resist the Cacciuco and it was great.

                    Winchester Bay: Lunch at Ungers Fish and Chips (fries) at T-Dock are pretty darn good, in our opinions. Fries are not spectacular, but good.

                    Paula's Bistro
                    236 Sixth St, Port Orford, OR 97465

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                    1. re: oregoncook

                      So glad you reported back oregoncook. We'll have to give Paula's Bistro a try next time we're up that way :-)

                      Paula's Bistro
                      236 Sixth St, Port Orford, OR 97465

                    2. Eat at RED FISH hands down in Port Orford then go next door to their art gallery and buy some art! Wheelhouse in Bandon is nice if Pat waits on you!!!