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Jun 14, 2010 09:03 PM

Masala Chai Snack Bar, Vancouver

Has anyone been to this newish place at the corner of Spruce and Broadway? It was closed at 8:45 when I went by tonight or I'da stopped in to check it out...

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  1. Stopped by today but did not eat. This new snack bar is affiliated with Athithi on Burrard near 8th. A small team table here and "lunchy" things -- not really appealing to me but there were lots of takers today just after 1 pm.

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    1. re: grayelf

      Stopped in today. Jackfruit pakoras! New one on me.

      1. re: repartee

        Deets, please! What else did you try? Was it tasty? I wasn't blown away by my one meal at Athithi...

        1. re: grayelf

          Sorry, should have said i didn't eat there.

          The jackfruit pakoras were the most interesting thing there. There were the requisite whole wheat wraps in the window but that's about it.

          1. re: repartee

            Jackfruit pakoras? Sweet or savoury, I wonder? Someone needs to TOFTT.

            1. re: fmed

              I'm guessing savoury. I'm with repartee, though, the offerings looked pretty plebeian. Was the tiny steam table still there right at the front door, repartee?

              1. re: grayelf

                I can't recall seeing it, grayelf.

    2. Would not recomend
      Very poor customer service they pulled the I dont speak English card when I went in for help when I locked my keys in my car! and the guy at the counter was ASIAN so weird but thank you Masala Chai for helping out a young girl in time of need

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