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Jun 14, 2010 08:33 PM

Help with Steak and Moderate/Fine Dining in Dallas

I will be traveling to Dallas in March for a convention and need to take a few colleagues that are speaking at a couple of symposiums that I am organizing to dinner. We are staying at the Hyatt Regency "Downtown" (i.e., on reunion Blvd) and therefore 560 would be one option. However, anything that is 10-15 minutes by cab that would have great steaks or other "must tries" would be appreciated. We will all be in suits, so we would like places where we would "fit in"--however, if there is a place that is a "must go to" that we should change into more casual clothes, please let me know!



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  1. STEPHEN PYLES. Have the "cowboy rib-eye"!

    1. Dean Fearing's at the Ritz Carlton is fun and should fit your needs. Try the buffalo steak, it is special. I can't remember whether they label it bison, or buffalo. One or the other though.