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Jun 14, 2010 06:14 PM

Detroit/Ann Arbor by myself

I will be heading to Ann Arbor for Zingerman's Camp Bacon this weekend. I'll be getting there Friday afternoon and I'm looking for somewhere to have a good dinner where I'll be comfortable by myself. I'll be staying near the airport, so I can head towards Detroit or Ann Arbor, I don't mind driving. I've eaten at, and thoroughly enjoyed, Roast, Zingerman's Road House and Five Lakes Grill (now Cinco Lagos). Looking for some place new. Any suggestions?

Five Lakes Grill
424 N Main St, Milford, MI 48381

2284 W 4th St, Mansfield, OH 44906

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  1. I take it budget is not too much of a consideration. If it is not I would suggest trying to get a reservation at Forest Grill in Birmingham.

    I believe uhockey has a great review of the place laying around here some place...

    Ahhh it is....

    Forest Grill Restaurant
    735 Forest Ave Ste 100, Birmingham, MI 48009

    1. Gandy Dancer - Ann Arbor

      La Bisteca - Plymouth

      Coach Insignia - Detroit (top of Ren Cen)

      Gandy Dancer Restaurant
      401 Depot Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

      Coach Insignia
      Renaissance Center 72nd Floor, Detroit, MI 48243

      1. If you want to try a high-end Ann Arbor restaurant that would be at the other end of the spectrum from Zingerman's all-American cuisine, you could go to Eve. They have a bar, and I think you could easily eat there alone.

        Less expensive: Ann Arbor's highly successful Belgian-style brewpub, the Jolly Pumpkin, on Main St. downtown. Menu tends toward vegetarian, but good burgers.

        1. If you're in the mood for something a little more fun, try Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger.

          Great burgers right off the campus of UM. It's a small place with a big line up. Burgers come is small patties that you order by qty. For instance, you order a double or triple of quad, etc. You have your choice of bun and other enhancers such as cheese and bacon.
          It was featured on DD&D.

          More info and pictures here.