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Jun 14, 2010 05:56 PM

Flushing: Jiang Li - More Northern Chinese Food

Hong Yi Shun, which used to be at 42-85 Main Street (in the spot now occupied by Rural) has very recently re-opened as Jiang Li on Kissena Blvd. The new northern Chinese power corridor?

It is still owned by David Liang and retains the same-name Chinese characters 鴻意順-Hong2 Yi4 Shun4. While the Chef is from Dalian, they bill themselves as a northern style Chinese restaurant, albeit with dishes from many regions: Qingdao Pasta with Special Sauce, Sichuan Gong Bao Chicken, 7-8 Dongbei lamb dishes, Taiwanese Minced Pork Belly over Rice and even dare I mention it? General Tso’s Chicken! I did not see David Liang on either visit but did meet his nephew Wayne. Oh, a good few of the appetizers, like Lamb Dumplings were not available on my visits. They have only been open two weeks. A very brief run-down on two recent taste tests:

Pancakes with Egg - scrambled with scallions, Breakfast of Champions.

Skin Jelly - cubed pieces of pork skin aspic with two different garlic preps. Not bad.

Beef Rolls - shin beef with scallions. OK.

Sautéed Shrimp – simple if a little bland.

Salt and Pepper Frog – great tasting dish.

Jellyfish Head with Sesame Oil - good balance here with the softness of the jellyfish combined with the snap, crackle pop of the heads. Bottom of the plate was laced with black vinegar and shredded lettuce. Topped off with shredded scallions.

Stir-fried Pea Shoots – Freshly cooked and served up with garlic.

Diced Fish with House Chili Sauce – OK – wished it had the dried chili peppers I guess.

Cumin Lamb Ribs – chili, cumin, and scallions rubbed on these ribs. Excellent.

Triple Delight – Standard Dongbei dish, just didn’t hit the spot for me here. Maybe next time.

Butterfish with Special Sauce – Mistranslated as “tuna” on their menu. Not sure why. The special sauce was brown, salty and sweet with a trace of vinegar.

Pork with Sour Cabbage Casserole – Absolutely wonderful. The sour cabbage in this atypical Dongbei dish was not pickled that long but added oh so much flavor to the broth – more a hearty soup than casserole and the crab on top was a great added touch.

Shandong Pork Belly – not on the menu – it is one of 20+ House Specials written on the wall in Chinese only. Succulent. Did not have the underlying pickled vegies that Fu Run had but surrounded by Choi Sum and delicious all the same.

Jiang Li Restaurant
44-18 Kissena Blvd. (kiddie-corner almost from M&T)
Tel: 718.321.1262
Open everyday from 11 to 11.


NYT – where the former Hong Yi Shun was mentioned: <>

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  1. This sounds very good - must get out to Flushing soon and get onto some of this good Northern food!

    1. those pics look sloppy and unappealing

      4 Replies
      1. re: FrankieLymon

        Yes, how dare you ScoopG!

        Those cumin lamb ribs look awesome.

        1. re: FrankieLymon

          I don't think they look sloppy and unappealing in the least, I'd like to try all of those dishes. They look like real Chinese food to me!

          1. re: FrankieLymon

            Those pictures may not be the stuff that we used to see in Gourmet magazine.

            But obviously the picture-taker was courteous; used indoor light (no flash) and got us as close up to the dishes as s/he could so as to reveal their contents. I bet they were done within a minute or so and therefore didn't impose on their fellow diners.

            And for heavens' sake; it's Chinese food -- not some decorated aspic from Escoffier.

            I, for one, found the photos extremely appealing -- enough so I'm gonna start bugging buttertart to meet me there...

          2. Thanks for the expert 'houndin! Nice rundown. But, the ribs, frogs legs and especially Jellyfish are making my eyes roll up and tongue loll a la Homer Simpson. D'oh!

            1. the pics are well done i just meant the food didnt look great at first glance but some of the stuff looks good. so many enticing sitdown places in flushing i need to get out of my comfort zone of flushing and golden mall with a sprinkle of white bear and $1 peking sandwiches but they are so damn heap and delicious

              1. good lookin' out as always; shots looked delicious and . . . I would really want to try the general tso's chicken. who knows, it might be amazing! (but secretly, isn't it always amazing?)

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                1. re: bigjeff

                  Especially if you have it at Peng Yuan in Taipei! The Pengs invented it. There's a really good recipe for Taiwan-style GTC in Fuchsia Dunlop's Revolutionary Chinese Cooking btw.

                  1. re: buttertart

                    awesome! very funny and I remember that piece of history from Jennifer 8. Lee's book as well, Fortune Cookie Chronicles.

                    I just might have to hit this joint up when I go to Taiwan this summer.

                    1. re: bigjeff

                      It's really old school, we were there in 2007. The waitresses bring the beers around in those wire carriers. I bet you'd like it!

                  2. re: bigjeff

                    I think you are right time - time to give the General a shot! A lot of northern Chinese in Flushing now. Saw some stats from the Museum of the Chinese in the Americas that three-quarters of NYC Chinese are now foreign born with most having arrived after 1990!