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Jun 14, 2010 05:35 PM

Turkish treat near DuPont Circle

This evening, friends took me to Ezme, a restaurant on P Street near DuPont Circle that specializes in mezze. The succession of small dishes was extraordinary, each beautifully prepared, expertly seasoned, and attentively presented. The evening was marred by the failure of the restaurant air conditioning, but the food was so good that the meal was very memorable in spite of the uncomfortably warm air--relieved by strategically placed fans. I hope to go back, but I'll phone ahead of time to make sure the air conditioning works!

The restaurant opened in mid-March. Have any other Chowhounds enjoyed the food there?

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  1. I am planning to go there next week and would love to hear any other comments about Ezme.

    1. i agree that the food there is phenomenal. i tried a number of dishes and they were all great. it's a bit pricey, even for tapas - you pay the same amount as anywhere else, but get a little less food than, say, zaytinya - but everything was so good i'll definitely be going back. highlights for me and my dining partner were, the lamb chops, the scallops with an eggplant puree (reminiscent of babaganoush but less smoky), zucchini pancakes with a yogurt sauce, and the lentil and bulgur "meatballs". atmosphere is nice too.

      1. I love the space, and the flavors of most of what we tried were great. The cheese "cigars" were crisp and not greasy, with a good cheese to fillo ratio. Meats were juicy with great saucing. The vegetables on the cheese/eggplant puree (I am probably not describing this correctly) is heavenly. The service was odd - hovering when the place was not busy, and somewhat distracted when it became more crowded. I agree it's a bit pricey for portion sizes, but that's unfortunately a fact of life in certain neighborhoods in DC. I would definitely go there again.