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Jun 14, 2010 05:32 PM

how can I thicken a sauce ,or glaze without cornstarch?

cornstarch just makes everything gloppy.

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  1. The best way would be to make more than you think you need and reduce the sauce unitl desierd consistency. Be careful not to overseason at first as all flavors will be concentrated. Or try makeing a roux equal part butter and flour cooked togther. As for the cornstarch if you mix it with water before adding to the sauce it should not be gloppy

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    1. re: Hascher

      I agree that when I have added cornstarch correctly it has not been gloppy.

      1. re: melpy

        Besides the slurry bit, stir the sauce well enough so the corn starch does not settle to the bottom and thicken there. A gloppy sauce may also mean that you are using too much corn starch. Better add the slurry in installments.

        1. re: paulj

          Also, you may be using too much and so over-thickening the sauce. It's easy to overuse corn starch so I add it a bit at a time (always, as stated in other posts, adding water and mixing it first).

          1. re: oakjoan

            Yes, and less is always more with cornstarch. Or is that less is just enough...

    2. For pan sauce - a pat of butter right at the end

      1. Same as what Hascher said. You need to mix the cornstarch in water first before adding to heat. Other methods are to use flour or wheat starch, potato starch, rice flour. You name it.

        1. I agree with Hascher..... adding that you can also use tapioca... Cornstarch won't make things goopy if you will do this first..... take the cornstarch, mix it in Cold Water (at least tap cool, not warm or hot)... put the water into a jar (mason jar as an example, or repurposed peanut butter jar), add the cornstarch, put on the lid & shake vigorously.... then pour into your sauce slowly while stirring constantly... silky smoothness every time with no gloopiness as long as you do not use to much