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Jun 14, 2010 05:05 PM

Which restaurants are currently offering soft shell crabs---preferably in Loudoun and Fairfax?

I know Bonefish Grill has them on its seasonal menu. However, I was wondering if anyone else is offering them---especially in Fairfax and Loudoun counties. Thank you!

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  1. Nam Viet in Clarendon does great things with soft-shell crabs. I especially like the chili-basil treatment.

    Nam Viet Restaurant
    3419 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., washington, dc, DC 20008

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    1. re: flavrmeistr

      Thai places (ubiquitous in this area) almost always have soft crabs on the menu, as do most seafood restaurants.

      Last week I toured the MeTomkins crab processing factory in Crisfield, Maryland. It's quite an operation. I noticed that about half of the soft crabs there are shipped fresh and half are cleaned and frozen. No wonder restaurants can have soft crabs on the menu all year long.

    2. Second the suggestion of Asian restaurants. Some of the local Thai places offer a half-dozen different sauces with soft shells.