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Where to eat on Main St (Vancouver) - between Broadway and 25th

Looking for a nice place to eat on Main Street this Friday. Just for two people. Nothing too ethnic for this particular night. We've enjoyed Crave and used to love Aurora Bistro if that helps and that's sort of the price point we're looking at as well.

Any suggestions welcome.

Aurora Bistro
2420 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T3E2, CA

Main Street Cafe
317 MacKenzie, Revelstoke, BC V0E2S1, CA

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  1. Grub on Main is a bit farther down (near 28th), but might be a nice choice. Fresh menu changes daily, with some salads/share plates/pizzas remaining constant.


    1. Habit? They have a dinner menu now, too. I seriously enjoyed lunch there a couple of weeks ago and would not hesitate to go back. The tuna casserole was delicious. The tuna was good, but the penne part of it with the mushrooms and panko/parmesan topping was really, really good. Carrot & brie perogies were also good. Interesting menu, I thought...


      1. Public Lounge at 17th is good, Tempest Steakhouse for steak (duh) , 81/2 at 8th and Main has awesome mac and cheese, Habit is great, and I've always loved Crave.

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          Nicest meal I've had recently in that zone was at Latitude on Valentine's Day. I thought I'd rambled on about it here somewhere... The owners used to have a place in Tofino that was also very tasty.

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            Here's a couple of photos from our dinner at Latitude: salmon, shortribs and the very eatable polenta fries. We had desserts also but the photos were too dark. All well received. My brother and SIL also decided to go there unbeknowst to us that evening on the spur of the moment and thanks to the Olympic effect (every restaurant outside of the downtown core was dead) did a walkin at 8 pm and had a delightful meal as well. The ambiance here is a bit romantic and quite relaxed.

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              Recent tweet from Latitude:
              Beautiful brunches: huevos divorciados, smoked salmon bennies, oyster mushroom scrambles, organic bacon and sausage! Mmmmmimosas!

              I love huevos divorciados -- didn't realize Latitude had brunch, even...

        2. Depends on your definition of "nice place to eat". But all aforementioned suggestions by others are solid and you can't go wrong.

          BURGOO is another that doesn't necessarily come to mind as a "nice dining" spot. But it is. If you don't know, they specialize in soups and stews, but has long been expanding on that original premise albeit carefully and methodically. Ex: once I had a fabulous special of meatloaf and mashed taters. They also have decent salads, appys etc. And prices never hurt the wallet. Ambiance is casual but quaint (feels like a log cabin inside) but I doubt anyone bringing a date there would be accused of cheaping out.

          1. Complementing CK1234's suggestion of Habit Lounge, their "sister" operation next door, Cascade Room, is another good option.

            I went to 8-1/2 (8th Ave, 1/2 block west of Main) just couple weeks ago. Intimate surrounds, casual. The food quality can be a bit of a hit & miss, but not expensive. They still need finessing on the food.

            Cascade Room
            2616 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T3E6, CA

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              YES Cascade Room is fantastic. Really really good

              Cascade Room
              2616 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T3E6, CA

            2. Latitude and Grub are definitely your best bets.

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                Pho Hoang Main and 19th area where it curves. The Pho is outstanding, when its good its the best is the city for under 7 bucks!!

                1. try CAFETERIA! If its open now, it looks really cute, and these two guys always kill it!


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                  1. For great Italian you have to stop in and see Frank. Ciprianos is hands down the best Italian food served by a man with an attitude. 21st and main I believe. go around 7 for Franks stand up comedy routine. Always a little offensive and hilarious.

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                      So sorry Jules.....Cipriano's imho, was one of the worst meals of my life. Yes..man with attitude...also condescending to staff in front of clients. Most uncomfortable. Granted, I'm Italian which makes me additionally hard on Italian restaurants, but this was pathetic: acidic canned tomatoe sauce on a giant portion of pasta. Pizza, burned on the edges, and literally raw dough in the middle. Iceberg lettuce for their signature salad? Now this was some time ago, but given the experience, we haven't been back, despite living in the neighbourhood. Italian food around the Main St. area is scarce. So many promising new places, like Cafeteria, 8 1/2, etc. Just my 3 cents....

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                        I'm glad you said that about Cipriano's, because that's exactly my experience as you described, once in the late '90s and another a few years ago. I was confused as to why Cipriano's get such rave reviews. Both my dinners there were pretty awful, just like your description. I've vowed to never go back there again.

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                          No! I'm so disappointed. I have not been in there for several years but always really enjoyed it. Veggie cannelloni was awesome with lots of fresh herbs and veggies. Caesar salad was amazing (I'm pretty fussy about my dressing and he was great). Frank was always really funny and just a little edgy.

                          I guess 20 years in business in the same place has lost it's fun for him and he has gotten cranky and not caring so much about quality. Really too bad

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                            No kidding! Cipriano's is the worst example of Italian food EVER!!!!!
                            Our experience
                            After being turned away due to having 4 kids with us ----Frank actually said that adults drink and children just have pop! Table of 8---gone.
                            Returning at a later date[I don't know why] to precooked mushy pasta with red acid sauce.Still frozen in the middle lasagna. The chicken was just short of turning to dust it was so overcooked all, salads swimming in "house" dressing, but worst of all and I'll never forget this I squeezed the garlic bread and got at least a tblspn of oil out of that sponge. When asked how our dinner was by the owner and related said complaints his reply was that if we didn't like it, there were alot of chinese restaurants around!!
                            We live about 50 yds from there and avoid it like a crackhouse!!!!

                      2. Burgoo is a good comfort food option around Main and 14th. It also has mead (which Aurora carried as well when they were open).

                        I second the suggestions for Cascade and Locus. Both solid options.