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Jun 14, 2010 03:27 PM

MSP - Arancini?

Anyone know of a place that makes these? Miss my old go-to restaurant in DC. Thanks!

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  1. the only place i had arancini in town is the now closed vessco vino, the menu was planned by the i nonni people so maybe i nonni has it now and then, but it is not on their current menu.

    1. I miss the arancini at 2 Amys too!! I can't believe arancini hasn't caught on here. Deep fried cheese stuffed risotto balls?? Yum. My husband and I have been making due with the aranicini from Trader Joe's. So not the same but they aren't bad. One of these days we'll make our own at home if we ever have left over risotto.

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        One place I've seen them is at the State Fair...not too far off into the future. Also I feel like I have seen them on a couple of menus of restaurants in the area, not sure right now which though,,,,Italian places........

      2. Carmelo's in St. Paul has them.

        1. Whole Foods Market in Minneapolis sometimes carries them.

          Whole Foods Market
          30 Fairview Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105

          1. I had them last week at il Gatto in Uptown.