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Jun 14, 2010 03:22 PM

Blue Hill/Stone Barns OR Basement Bistro

Acknowledging that it is difficult to get reservations at both Blue Hill/Stone Barns and at Basement Bistro....and I only have the time and patience to try to get resys at one....for which one should I bust my arse to get reservations?

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  1. you've got a MUCH better chance at getting resys at BHSB.

    1. Agree with Bob G. Not hard at all to get reso at BHSB. Dosen't live up to the hype in our opinion. Basement Bistro tough to get a reso but in it's own league and worth the wait.

      1. Agree with others. It's mildly difficult to get reservations at BHSB, but not really if you just plan ahead. BB is in another league entirely. You have to have an angel or two to intervene on your behalf! Personally I've been to both; and the cost at BHSB is about 2x BB, and is simply not justified in my mind. My husband and I had a 5 hour meal at BB two years ago, and were absolutely blown away. BHSB, I felt like I was a bit robbed.

        1. If you can be very flexible with your dates/times, you may be able to get into BB (think mid-week). It is well worth it.

          1. I have no idea where this Basement Bistro is - where is Earlton?

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              Pretty far away from the NY metro area; up near albany.