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Jun 14, 2010 03:03 PM

"Grocery Outlet "?

A new Grocery Outlet opened near me(Seattle) and I'm curious to know if it's worth it?
Any opinions/recs? Do they sell organic food?how do there prices compare?
Any bad points re:shopping at an 'outlet',freshness of food,etc...

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  1. I've been to the 4th Ave S Grocery Outlet a few times and I'm a fan. The produce is usually pretty darn good. I was there yesterday and the corn and green peppers were really great. The corn was actually better than most I have found in other stores. On packaged food you do need to check the date. Some have an best by date a year out and some a month out. So, with that caveat I would recommend.

    Some of the highlights from my recent visit: Dofino slice swiss and fontina, $2.49 for 8oz, Havarti $.99 for a 7oz block, corn 33 cents an ear, Monte Pollino Organice Extra Virgin Olive oil for $7.99, Rojo a surprisingly good Spanish red for $3.99, green dish soap for $1.29 a bottle.

    Generally the prices are very good. For fresh produce you can find prices as good other places. They have good cheese prices and some really nice wine prices. The canned or packaged items are usually pretty good though sometimes brands from other regions. I like the new store off of 4th S more than the Aurora store. They do have organic products like Bear Naked and Kashii brands.

    You do have to think a little more about what you buy as far as checking best by dates. You will also want to watch the vintage dates on wines. They have some pretty current stuff but some can be older vintages and might be getting close to time when they are past their prime. I've seen some that were in the 5-8 year old range which is on the edge for some wines that were intended to drink within 5 or so years. But I picked up some Six Prong Red from 2005 that was great and only $4.99 a bottle.

    The other thing is that since they are basically the remainders of grocery stores you never really know exactly what they will have on hand. You can check the flyer to find our some featured items, though. You can find some really great stuff for great prices or you can find some scary processed food. I think if you are looking ot save money and kind of enjoy hunting for bargain priced gems then it's probably worht a visit.

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      For more examples of the treasures to be found, check the San Francisco board...they have a regular Grocery Outlet finds thread. I see it as a weekly adventure...sometimes I buy lots, sometimes nothing. It's a good idea to keep current prices in mind, because they can't always beat store sales. Also, produce is sold by "each" rather than by weight. For example, the price will be the same for any watermelon no matter what size it is.

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        Thanks Viking for all your info. I'll def. check it out,esp. the exp/sell by dates!