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Jun 14, 2010 02:48 PM

Wow - my tastes are really changing as I get older...anyone else?

I'm just over 40 - and all my life I've hated bleu cheese. Then, a few years ago, I started liking bleu cheese dressing with my hot wings. Now, all of a sudden, I want bleu cheese dressing on my salads. And I don't mean just the dressing - I want huge hunks of bleu cheese in it as well. It just seemed like this happened overnight!

And Braunschweiger - loved this growing up - and I just recently tasted it again, and it was *awful* to me.

Are there any foods you used to hate, now love, or vice versa?

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  1. - i used to hate cilantro & ginger, now i can't get enough of either one. and my feeling about avocado was sort of take-it-or-leave it back in the early days, but now i eat it ALL THE TIME.
    - conversely, i lost my taste for certain sweet foods. i remember i used to *love* Jelly Belly jelly beans and Swedish fish, but now the mere thought of that over-the-top sweetness nauseates me.

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      I'm the same with all of those. I avoided cilantro and ginger for years, and they're become near-staples in my kitchen. And I just don't crave sweets like I used to. I can't remember the last time I made a dessert that didn't rely on fruit and/or cream. My stash of 'emergency chocolate' has gone unreplenished for the last year.

    2. Your senses of smell and taste start to get less subtle as you age. Things change. It's one reason why many people crave more seasoning as they get older.

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        I recently saw a story about the sale of hot sauces in the US. Many people thought it was the influx of people from South America but the real reason is the median age is rising in the country and like you say, older people need more seasoning.

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          Here I thought I was getting more adventurous - now I just feel old...


          1. re: Karl S

            Hi Karl,

            Do you have a supporting article? I don't doubt this is true, just would like some more background. I also enjoy things like stronger cheeses and more spice than when I was younger. I have always thought it was related to needing a stronger and stronger drug. After a while medium cheddar just doesn't get me high anymore. :o)


            1. re: Karl S

              That may be the reason in some cases, but not all. I believe some sensations can't be enjoyed until one can allow them to pass the initial negative impact. I can't word it properly, it is as if the brain finally get a chance to understand the mixture of flavors and allow it to trigger a pleasurable response. Ginger used to be something I hated and avoided. But one day I was making some pork, and I noticed the pork smelled in a way I did not like. It has not gone bad, it was not gamy, just a stronger meat smell that did not agree with me. So I added a little little bit of ginger. It masked or changed the smell, and from then on I regularly cook with ginger and actually enjoy it quite a bit in the right context.

            2. Like you, Jen, I can do the bleu cheese dressing for the first time in my life, but can't quite get myself to do the unadulterated cheese.

              I crave onions and peppers now (both of which I hated as a child), to the point that I'm thinking about making stuffed green peppers, the same item I used to smuggle from my plate to the bottom of my toybox.

              I've built my tolerance for 'heat' quite well, and can now eat chiles and peppers that my boyfriend shrinks away from. I still have the same sensitivity to salt. I think when I have to start adding more salt to my dishes will be the day I starting feeling old.

              I can't really eat bananas anymore. When I was younger, they just tasted sweet, but now I can taste something in the banana that is hard to put my finger on. A bitterness? I'm not certain how to discribe it, but it makes me feel sick after a few bites. Funny, my mom only ever ate half a banana . . . now I'll have to call her and why (like she doesn't worry about me enough already).

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              1. re: onceadaylily

                Oh, I'm crying thinking about your poor mom having to clean the toybox! lol

                1. re: onceadaylily

                  Try organic bananas. Some years ago I started tasting a bitterness in bananas which ceased to be a problem when I switched to organic. My best guess is that I (and perhaps you) was/were tasting the pesticides.

                  1. re: bbq babe

                    I'll give that a try. I used to eat one for breakfast every day, and really do miss them.

                    1. re: bbq babe

                      +1 for the organic bananas. They're smaller, but taste so much better.

                    2. re: onceadaylily

                      Growing up I disliked any kind of legumes. Now, a senior, I love them for taste and health benefits.

                      1. re: onceadaylily

                        oh, they killed the bananas ages ago! if you think they taste different now, you're right. different varietal, much suckier.

                        1. re: onceadaylily

                          I once found a perfectly dried, rock-hard piece of pizza with one bite out of it in my daughter's toybox. No idea how long it had been there!
                          edit: this was in reply to Onceadaylily's post about the green peppers - I don't know why it ended up down here without its reference.

                          1. re: ursy_ten

                            I used to smuggle pork chops into the toy box too. I still remember the day I came home from school and my my mother, who had been cleaning my room, sat me down for a talking to. She was equally disgusted and amused, and then I had to actually start eating everything on my plate.

                            (In the top right corner of your post, you'll see 're: onceadaylily': the replies to a post are stacked in the order in which they were created).

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                              Oh! I swear that link wasn't there last night! Honest!

                              1. re: ursy_ten

                                I stashed my lunch-bag leftovers in my toychest!! My dad had to sneak in and get them out before they went moldy.

                          2. re: onceadaylily

                            While I would eat bananas as a kid, now I can only eat bananas in processed form--such as frozen and blended. If I try a fresh banana, I can do about three bites before I have to get the rest of it out of my sight so I don't get nauseated. I think it's the texture rather than the taste in my case. And I always do organic.

                          3. I find myself using a much more retrained hand when sprinkling garlic and herbs into any dish, now. I guess I've come to a "less is more" palate when it comes to them.

                            I've not made a mushroom gravy in a long time and don't know why. I'm now tolerant of big chunks of tomatoes in soups (vegetable, minestrone, etc.) that used to gross me out.

                            My taste in wine is far more discriminating now than it used to be. Ditto for investing in other good beverages like fresh-squeezed orange juice and exotic locally-produced sodas (that actually taste better than sugar-water).

                            1. I just thought of another one - I always hated those cake cones with ice cream - but I *loved* sugar cones. I still do, but now I love the cake cones as well! Yes, I still think they taste slightly like I imagine Ikea furniture would, but something about them appeals to me now.