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Jun 14, 2010 02:45 PM

Pubs near Tate Modern - Dinner options near St. Pancras

Spending one day in London in early October, a Saturday, and will be coming from Paris. I've been to London many times but my traveling companions have not. I'm looking for a decent pub near Tate Modern and a decent but reasonably priced restaurant near St. Pancras, as we will be on the eurostar back to Paris. We are headed to SJB&W for lunch.

Actually, if options near St. Pancras are limited, we will probably be traveling from the Tate back to St. Pancras, so we are flexible. I'm thinking tapas, Indian perhaps but somewhere that locals enjoy. Thanks.

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  1. For a pub near the Tate Modern, walk East down the river and go to the Swan at the Globe Theatre - a really amazing view of London right on the river (and of course the Globe).

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      I'm sorry - don't like the swan . Get to an off licence and drink in front of the tate modern if you want a good view - For a good pub try the rake at the back of borough market - tiny but a real taste of England on tap.
      If you have a friend who is a friend of the Tate then the members bar is really good view . If you use their restaurant and get a window seat , one of the best views in london with reliable british menu.

      1. re: bleep75

        i'm a big fan of the swan (food and drink).

        1. re: abby d

          Sorry Abby - I got that completely wrong _ I was thinking of the Anchor when I read the Swan - have not tried the swan - anything you recommend - is prices ok?

          1. re: bleep75

            hi bleep. it's not cheap n cheerful but i think it's reasonable given the location and the fact that the food is good. i order different things every time when i eat out so don't have particular recommendations. i don't remember anything being poor - check out their menu online to see if their food appeals to you.

    2. A Market Porter/Brindisa double header would fit perfectly, but it's a Saturday so Borough Market will be heaving. Still, it's good fun!

      1. Near St. Pancras is a restaurant called Konstam. It's gotten good reports, but I haven't eaten there myself. The owner/chef supposedly uses very fresh and local ingredients.

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          Konstam's hook is that they try to source all their food within the M25, although the fish doesn't come from the Thames ;)
          Well, it's from the estuary, but I think that's just about okay.
          It's a really quirky spot, well worth a visit. Much pricier than El Parador, mind you...

          1. re: bodessa

            I just remember Konstam from the TV show... I wouldn't mind trying to eat there one day.

        2. St Pancras is still a bit rubbish for food, unless you're happy to chow down on Sichuan food at Chilli Cool or grab tapas at Camino.

          Personally, I'd jump off the tube at Goodge St and head for Salt Yard, Barrica, Fino or Dehesa for tapas. Salt Yard is definitely a local favourite. A little pricey perhaps but it has never let me down.

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          1. re: DollyDagger

            Goodge Street options I can attest for. Personally speaking I think Barrica is a little better than Salt Yard (although both are excellent and similarly priced). Chilli Cool I enjoyed, and I've heard good things about Camino. Isn't there also supposed to be some good vegetarian Japanese place in Kings Cross (vegetarianism and Japanese food don't go hand in hand in my mind though)?

            Another favourite of mine is Ragam on Clevelend Street. Its a really small South Indian place with criminally cheap traditional offerings (masala dosa, idli, dahi vada etc.). Avoid the meaty menu, and stick solely to the South Indian stuff and its a real winner in my eyes. A complete lack of sophistication with decor and service, but really homely fare. Probably less than a 20 minute walk from St Pancras too.

            1. re: chief1284

              Like Ragam too!

              Itadaki Zen is the vegetarian Japanese place near King's Cross. There's a substantial tradition of vegetarian cooking in Japan, with roots in Buddhism. I think there's been a few threads about it on General Topics that a search on shojin ryori or shojin kaiseki should pull up.

              1. re: limster

                Ah I forgot Ragam. Good call.

                Not sure I would recommend Itadaki Zen in this case. The menu isn't for everyone, but great if you love tofu. (No one *loves* tofu). Good spring rolls though.

                  1. re: deansa

                    10 mins walk from St Pancras on Eversholt Street is El Parador - my favourite tapas in London, local place, family owned, been going for 25 years, cheap as chips, very authentic but still has flair. None of the glamour of the Goodge St fraternity but if it's a sunny evening they have a lovely back garden.


                    1. re: helen b

                      I'd say Camino for sure, it has a great open courtyard and they have just opened UK's first sherry bar, very authentic with some really delicious paired tapas The menu is probably on their website.
                      Just checked and it is

              2. re: chief1284

                I adore Siam Central on Charlotte Street (Goodge St tube stop)