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Jun 14, 2010 02:38 PM

Heaven on Seven Report

My husband and I took the train up to Chicago from NW Indiana for our second anniversary. We had three meals planned: two lunches and a dinner. As soon as we checked into our hotel, we hoofed it a few blocks over to Heaven on Seven (N. Mich. Ave location). This was my husband's choice for lunch. I have only heard a few mentions of this place on Chowhound, but I think we made a really great choice to eat here. This is what we had:

Drinks: Cajun Iced Tea for me: Wow! When they say "limit one" on the menu, they mean it. I'm not a very heavy drinker and after two sips, I was feeling this one. Tasty, too.
Mint Julep for him: Tasted like mint and whiskey. I've always wanted to try one, and after a couple sips of this drink, I don't feel like I need to try it again. This was quite strong, also

Apps: Fried oysters: This is what I came for. Being a seafood freak, and completely land-locked, I was really looking forward to these. Crispy cornmeal breading, not too think, rich and succulent inside, these were to die for. Accompanied by a spicy mayonaise-based sauce.
Cup of Turtle Soup: Husband ordered this just to say he had eaten turtle soup. The waitress offered to pour sherry over top, but we opted not to. This tasted like chili to me. The turtle meat had a consistency of ground beef. Pleasant, but I wouldn't order this.

Garlic Bread: This was to soak up all the alcohol that was quickly going to our heads. This was actually quite suprising. The bread was sliced into triangles, oiled, and grilled. It came with a smoky, spicy, tomato-based sauce to dip in. We dipped until the bowl was clean.

Entrees: Bowl of Gumbo: I'm a gumbo fan, and wanted to try HoS's version. This gumbo was brownish-green in color, and very thick. Lots of andouille sausage and chicken, but I was hoping for some shrimp in there, as well. Pretty spicy for me. I was full after only a few bites. It was really good back in our hotel room later that night.

Andouille Po'Boy: An andouille link with grilled onions on bread. Was pretty much what you'd expect. My husband liked it. The coleslaw was extra creamy, and a nice pairing with the spicy, crispy andouille.

Total bill: approx. 65 dollars. Not exactly cheap, but I think a big cost were our drinks. The waitress was pleasant enough, and the place was dead at 2pm. We really liked the hot sauce bottles on the wall. I think we'd go here again, but try not to spend so much.

Heaven on Seven
600 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

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  1. Thanks for the report - very helpful!

    >> Total bill: approx. 65 dollars. Not exactly cheap, but I think a big cost were our drinks.

    They have a sample lunch menu for each location on their website. Just FYI, here are the prices shown for the items you ordered, for the Rush/Michigan/Ohio location (which may or may not be totally up to date):

    ??? - Cajun Iced Tea
    ??? - Mint Julep
    $11.95 - Fried oysters
    $5.50 - Cup of Turtle Soup
    $5.95 - Garlic Bread
    $5.95 - Bowl of Gumbo
    $9.95 - Andouille Po'Boy

    So it adds to $39.30 plus the two drinks. Since the check was $65 including tax (10.25 percent in the city), it was probably $59 before tax. So the drinks were $10 each unless something was missing from your post, or there was an extra charge for something. Again, this assumes the prices on the website menu are still in effect.

    FWIW, none of those prices strikes me as unusually high, with the possible exception of the garlic bread, which was still only six bucks.

    1. Happy Anniversary.

      I think $65 is a lot for lunch for two at a place like Heaven on Seven. But then you ordered a lot. The oysters (which I would have had also b/c I love fried oysters) was an expensive appetizer (again, thinkin' lunch here). With that and the soup and the garlic bread, it's no surprise that you didn't have room for the gumbo.

      I have to say that HoS, especially the one on Michigan Ave, is not my favorite restaurant. Its been a number of years since I've been there. I love Cajun/Creole food, but I stopped going because everything I ordered there, from gumbo to salad was unpleasantly spicy with very little subtlety in flavor. It sounds like that wasn't as much a problem for you.

      I'm just curious if you had dinner that night with all that food for a late lunch.

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      1. re: chicgail

        Chicgail, actually, yes, we had dinner. We had an 8:30 rez at Joe's Stone Crab. My hubby and I can eat! I'll report on that dinner soon.

        Joe's Stone Crab
        60 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

      2. I think if you went to the HOS on Wabash you'd even be happier with the food.The last lunch I had there knocked my socks off! The food seems to be better in the original restaurant.They had a tamale special and I was lucky to get the last one.They were outstanding as well the other dishes our table ordered.