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Jun 14, 2010 02:12 PM

Sandwhich - Chapel Hill NC - Love the New Location and Expanded Menu!!

I'm not sure how many people have tried Sandwhich in the new location - but I'm here to tell you it's wonderful! One of the downsides of the old "Sandwhich" was the hours - open only for lunch Monday-Saturday. It's great having the option to have dinner (with an expanded menu). And, it's now open Sundays for brunch.

What have we had at Sandwhich? Well, almost everything and every bite has been wonderful. We've been with several groups, where everyone has ordered something different and we've shared orders. We had the rotisserie chicken (terrific spices), strip steak, outrageous BLT (although smoked jalapenos are blazing hot!), meatloaf sandwich (great cumin flavored meatloaf), mac-and-cheese (nice cheeses, creamy, big dish), polenta (best I've had), spinach (with preserved lemon), french fries, broccoli rabe, the burger, lamb tagine with polenta (oh, my gosh! - yum), tuna salad sandwich, roasted beets and blue cheese salad.

The only item that didn't get rave reviews was the sardine sandwich. I didn't even try it, because I don't like sardines, but others at the table weren't crazy about it - maybe we just don't like sardines.

Some people think parking might be difficult. The 411 City parking lot is just past McDonalds, and that's where we've been parking. It's worked out well.

I'd suggest you give the new version of Sandwhich a try. I liked the old Sandwhich - I love the new menu and location!

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  1. The new Sandwhich is closed on Monday.

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      I went there the week after it opened & was underwhelmed, but I thought it might have been glitches so I didn't post.

      The service was great, attentive, helpful, I found the room rather noisy and the benches hard. Sanwhich, put some cushions on them!

      1. I love the new Sandwhich also. They still have the best tuna sandwich ever and I had it with a chilled tomato & goat cheese soup. Even the little amuse of carrots they give you is great. Not to mention the homemade chips.

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          Oh! I love those carrots! I've been trying to make them at home, but so far I haven't gotten it quite right.

        2. The french fries are really, really good.

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            Just came back from a fab dinner at Sandwhich. The menu has been revamped.

            I shared an appetizer of beet, Stilton and walnut salad. The Stilton was nice and strong, brilliant against the sweet walnuts and beets. Though the salad wasn't very big; more like an amuse gueule which suited us.
            Then I had the weekly special; mussels in a tomato olive and caper broth. Wonderful. The other person had the sirloin strip sandwich with peppers and frites and the ketchup. Those frites were amazing and my friend loved the sandwich.
            We finished with coffee & looked at the dessert menu. I wish I had the room to try them. I have to say both of us were very impressed & loved the 1/2 carafe of wine at $10.00

          2. Where is the new location? Is the new Sandwhich still ridiculously expensive? hehe ;-)

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              They are at 407 West Franklin St. now. Here's their web site: