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Jun 14, 2010 01:57 PM

The BBQ Shack and Grill

Met this owner of The BBQ Shack and Grill, in San Pedro, at the OC BBQ Festival. He won first place for chicken at the festival.

His restaurant has been opened for a few months now. But found nothing, when doing a search on CH.

Has anybody been? How are the ribs and brisket?

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  1. I will have to check out The BBQ Shack and Grill the next time I am in San Pedro. There are a few reviews on Yelp but that site is not the most accuurate.

    The BBQ Shack and Grill
    228 N. Gaffey Street
    San Pedro
    (310) 702-1376

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    1. re: Norm Man

      They must be almost across the street from Gaffey Street Diner. Their website doesn't seem to be functional, beyond the outline of a building and some photos (at least for me). Their location was the old (and very quickly in and out of business) Monster Burgers. I know their is (or was?) another Monster Burger elsewhere in LA, but I don't know if they were related to this one in SP.

      Gaffey Street Diner
      247 N Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731

      1. re: Servorg

        THe BBQ Shack's web site is functional for me (i.e. spcials, menu, location, contact) .

        1. re: Norm Man

          Today it's working on this mac I'm who knows. Looks interesting. Hope you will report back if you try it out. I do get down to Gaffey St. Diner once and again so I could switch up and give this place a try and they even have a place link already (with web site info).

          The BBQ Shack & Grill
          228 N Gaffey St, Los Angeles, CA 90731

          1. re: Servorg

            Went here over the weekend. Spare rib place with 3 ribs and one side for $6. The spare ribs are great. Well smoked, a sweet bark, real meaty and little to no fat. The mild BBQ sauce is pretty spicy, there are chili flakes in it, nice flavor, I always get sauce on the side.

            The beefs ribs and links (hot and chicken) looked very good, though I didn't actually have either of them. Maybe tomorrow for my next visit.

            Cash only

            Whole in the wall type place, about 4-5 tables. They do a lot of take out. Much better BBQ ribs, than the other two BBQ restaurants in San Pedro: Porky's and TNT.

            1. re: reality check

              sorry i missed the event (father's day and all that).

              how sweet is the bark?