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Jun 14, 2010 12:17 PM

jfood and Palm Beach county

Hi jfood, I have made many post regarding the food in Palm Beach county Florida. I am not an expert or a restaurant critic, but I know you are.... From your previous posts you must visit this area quite often by seeing how familiar you are with the area. Please tell me, and all of the residents of Palm Beach county what are your favorite stops when you are in the area. I am always open to new places that I may have missed.
I also love raw oysters.Do you have a favorite for them ??? Thanks for the help

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  1. jfood hasn't posted in over 6 months or maybe longer. Isn't he the one who writes in 3rd person????

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      jfood makes many, many posts everyday, but apparently not in this board...Just go to the chowhound board and where it says "Search all boards" put in jjfood

      Yes he writes in the 3rd person, or is it the 1st person...I just like food, I'm not an English Major