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Jun 14, 2010 11:38 AM

Need restaurants on I-20 (Dallas to Atlanta)

We're driving to Atlanta from Dallas - any decent restaurants along I-20?
Looking to eat healthy along the way .. and really don't want to go too far from the highway or eat in McDonalds, Subway, etc. (unless there is nothing else around). Thanks!!

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  1. I would make a stop at Herby K's in Shreveport. Just about the right distance for an early lunch. It's kinda healthy but really good.

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      Thank you. We always stop in Shreveport for lunch, so this works for me.

    2. Rocca Restaurant is open for lunch/dinner right off I 20 in Vicksburg for nice casual fine dining with excellent menu at Exit 3 off I 20 to your right headed E.

      Roca Restaurant and Bar @ 127 Country Club Dr., Vicksburg, MS. 601 - 638 - 0800.

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        Really appreciate your suggestions. I'm taking them with me. Also tried to post my question on central south board. We make this trip a lot, so it's exciting to have new places to try.

      2. There's a McAllister's Deli @ Exit 54 in Brandon, MS and another one at Exit 154 in Meridian, MS. They serve healthy food like sandwiches, salads, etc.

        McAllister's Deli @ 1490 West Government Street, Brandon, MS‎ - (601) 824-7465‎.
        McAllister's Deli @ 534 Bonita Lakes Drive, Meridian MS 3930 - 601-693-0966

        Zack Garvin's Restaurant in Newton, MS right off I 20 at Exit 100 would be a very nice place to stop for lunch/dinner.

        Zack Garvin's Steakhouse @ Intersection Hwy 15 & Hwy. 80, Newton, Newton, MS. 601 - 683 - 7597.

        1. Post this on Central South to get some MS/AL recommendations.........

          1. An alternative to Herby K's in Shreveport is Fertita's- famous for their muffy sandwiches and iced tea. It's a super easy swing off I-20 (though neither place is particularly known for its light fare).


            Personally, I would skip McAllister's Deli (as recommended for Mississippi) if you're looking for Chowhoundy locals-only type places. While a decent place for a quick soup & sandwich lunch, McAllister's is a franchised mass market chain (there's 12 locations in DFW alone).

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              What a cool place ... love those places with a history. Love the recipes posted on their website and the history. I am taking this information with us. I can already taste the food. Let's hope timewise it works for this trip. Thanks so much.