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Jul 19, 2005 01:57 PM

Project by Project Food and Wine Benefit Report

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my 3rd PbP food and wine event... first 2 years were at the Pacific Design center.. this year is at the California Science center... the food was good but for some reason didnt seem the same level as years passed.. check out my picture coverage


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  1. FABULOUS FOOD FOTOS! Thanks for the great report!

    BTW where is BLVD? I did a google search and turned up the Beverly Wilshire Hotel's restaurant, but no mention of Wolfgang. Also Madison Park I'm assuming is in NYC.

    Please enlighten us! Until then I can be found drooling over the chocolate buffet!


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    1. re: compumom

      O compumom.. you are correct.. i misread.. Blvd is in that hotel.. Puck will be OPENING a steakhouse there later this year.. Blvd is not officiated with Puck..

      yeah Eleven madison park is in NY:
      Eleven Madison Park
      Gramercy Park
      11 Madison Ave.
      (24th St.)
      Manhattan, NY 10010

      1. re: Perceptor

        Thanks! Something to look forward to!

    2. Awesome pictures.. I actually asked about this event on Chowhound awhile back and there were 3 competing food and wine tasting events on the same night. Think PbP got some of the most renouned chefs to participate so decided to give it a shot.

      Overall, I think Project by Project did an awesome job this year. The decor, venue, food and wine selection was excellent and I actually got to taste nice wine from Argentina and learned a thing or two from Ian Blackburn of Learn About Wine. My favorite was the angus beef dish at the Maison Akira booth. Think I'm gonna dine there very soon. Having been to Eleven Madison Park in NY, I am again convinced Kerry is one of the most talented chefs after tasting their lobster cake. Yum-Yum.

      Considering PbP volunteers are young professionals with full time jobs and are only doing this part-time, the event they put on is worth applauding! I give it an A++ and will go again.

      My guess is there were over 600 people which is an excellent turnout considering there were so much competition on the same night Not sure how the other food and wine tasting events turned out. Anyone can comment?? I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

      1. great pics perceptor! now i realized how many dishes i personally missed and i am pissed! haha. the salmon and soba from maison akira looked good. god how did i miss the capon breast from 11 madison park too! when given the chance to eat neutered gigantic chickens, you gotta jump! especially when paired with foie gras.

        i was pouring wine at liquid assests briefly so she could eat, so i might have poured for some of you guys.

        and chow4life. you are right. the event is planned and operated completely by volunteers. i was one of them and put tons of hours in. some people put hundreds of volunteer hours in. i applaud their effort. the cool thing about PbP, because of this, is that some 90 percent of the money goes to the charity, as opposed to the national average which is closer to 15-20 percent because of salaries and overhead and stuff.

        this year was better than last years,
        and next year will be even better!
        at 85-100 bux a ticket its a total steal too!

        there will be a big food event in new york in october as well, if any hounds are interested.

        as part of the science center school, the space was done by morphosis and thom mayne who won the pritzker this year. awesome space!

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          this is coming up again in a month!