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Jun 14, 2010 10:42 AM

Mad Italian Gelato on Bayview

Nice looking place with what appear to be housemade pastries as well as around 20 flavours of gelato. Mixed results on the gelato. The chili chocolate was credible, with nice chocolate tones. The banana is quite good, better than Il Gelatiere. The white chocolate approximates perfectly the flavour of Ivory Soap that I remember from childhood days. Anyone tried any of the other flavours?

Il Gelatiere
647 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

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  1. I tried 2 flavours, which I can't recall now, but I threw out my cup after eating about a third of it. I found the flavours to be ok, rather muted, but the texture was gummy and unappealing.

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      Wow. I'm surprised. I haven't tried a lot of flavours, but I absolutely love their hazelnut gelato, which I've had a few times. I tried chocolate for the first time recently, and it was pretty good too (though not as good as the hazelnut). I've also tried a sample of the pistachio, and it was pretty tasty as well. None of the gelatos I've tried have been at all gummy; on the contrary, they were perfectly smooth and lovely.

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      1. As I am lactose intolerant, I tried the dairy free chocolate sorbetto, the blood orange, regular orange and peach. The first time that I had the chocolate sorbetto, it was amazing, and I was so happy to have an alternative to all the fruit flavours. The second time, it was not good at all and was, as TorontoJo said, very gummy. I told the owner, Alessandro, that I thought that this version of the chocolate sorbetto was really bad in comparison to the first one I had tried. He said that his mother was still tinkering with the recipes and that they would be fixing the problem.
        I went back on Saturday and it seems much better and not gummy at all. The blood orange sorbetto had a great flavour and was very smooth, not icy.

        Unfortunately, I can't comment on the milk gelati.

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          Chocolate sorbetto!! Can't wait to try it. Hopefully not gummy anymore.

        2. Please post name, phone and address of this place.

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            Easy as a Google search...but here you go...

            1581 Bayview Avenue


            ON M4G 3B5

            P. (416) 901-4556