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Jun 14, 2010 10:35 AM

What to do with a big fishhead?

Hello there.

I am left a big fish head and some boney parts of a carp. We grilled most of the meat yesterday. I think the fish is quite fishy, so i'm not sure what i can do with the parts.

what do you think i can do with it, so it will hopefully be less "fishy"?

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  1. Split it in half and salt-grill the thing, paint with a little mirin to finish, then serve with grated daikon and ponzu. But that's just a suggestion.

    1. sounds like a good thing to put on a low simmer. then cool, strain and freeze. if you like the finished flavor freeze it all for a fish stew, ciopino dish. if it's strong freeze in ice cubes or 1/4 cups to add to paellas or chowders.

        1. re: luikwong

          that sounds good! looks like meal with a bib.

        2. Deep fry the sucker and then break out a bib and dig in.

          1. Cut in half lengthwise and boil in water with kelp and ginger pieces. Take the extraneous bones out and skim the top of foam after boiling. Add yellow or red miso, dashi and bonito flakes with some firm tofu chunks (I like ones I've frozen in the freezer for a nice spongey texture) and scallions. I sometimes add daikon cubes as well.

            Makes for a delicious and hearty miso soup.