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Jun 14, 2010 09:30 AM

Dinner suggestion and parking question about Steves

I have 2 questions.

The first is I am looking for a dinner suggestion around the Philadelphia area, as I will be passing through coming south from Allentown. I am hoping for a place not too pricey (not more then $25/person) and the important part is there need to be easy parking nearby.

The second question is this - I know there are 2 Steve's Prince of Steaks locations in Philly, is one better then the other, and is one easier to park at. Thanks for the help.

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  1. This feels like Deja Vu, but the parking at both locations is fine. The one at Bustleton & St Vincent is street parking only but I have never had any problem finding a spot on the same block as the restaurant. The Comley Ave location (by the Boulevard) has a parking lot, so no issues there.

    In my experience, they are both equally good and I highly recommend you order with "both cheeses:" whiz plus a white liquefied American. It's sublime.

    As for your other question, is a paid parking lot ok?

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      1. re: thejavuar

        Then 90% of the good restaurants in the city are available. If you can't park and walk a block or two, that limits it to the ones with valet, which is still quite a few. Not to mention the suburbs. You'll need to narrow down your parameters a bit to get a good answer.

    1. I disagree and think the one on St. Vincent is not only the original, but better as well. They are both great, but for some reason I always leave the Blvd location feeling something was off.

      I'm an American with person, but the two cheeses can't be bad, lol.

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      1. re: Corporate_40

        My friend asked one of the workers once which one he thought was better. The guy thought about it, then said that the griddle at the Comley Ave one was newer, so that one was slightly better.

        1. re: barryg

          I would say that's exactly why the original would be better. The old grill is seasoned, like a good cast iron pan. Whatever though, I'll be there at least once this weekend.

      2. Steve's has the best cheese steaks in the Philadelphia metro area, and the best is absolutely at the original at Bustleton and St. Vincent's NOT Comly Boulevard. I have never in almost 20 years ever had a problem parking on St. Vincent at all times of day. They also have a third location on Business Route 1 in Langhorne and it is ranks third of the three locations. I only have the pizza steak with mozzarella, and it's delicious. Add some regular well-cooked fries with a side of the sauce for dipping, and a chocolate soda and that's a comfort meal I can only afford to eat health-wise once a quarter, 4 times a year. But, oh so good!

        1. Are you guys aware they got rid of the birch beer at Steve's? After eating there for over 30 years, during my last visit I ordered my american wit with light sauce, spicy fries, and a birch beer, only to be told that they don't carry it anymore and they could offer me root beer. I almost cried, and told them they need to fix that ASAP.

          Birch beer, cherry, or chocolate are flavors they should NEVER replace. I'll know later today whether they've fixed the situation.

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          1. re: Corporate_40

            Corporate, that is appalling! FTR, Paesano's in the Italian Market (not sure about the Girard location) and the new Jake's Sandwich Board on 12th St, have cherry wishniak on fountain. Jake's has birch beer, too.

            Which location was this? And please report back.

            1. re: barryg

              Nope. Went to the St. Vincent location on Sunday and the DO NOT have birch beer anymore, and have switched to root beer. While a settled for the cherry, it just isn't the same.

              This is sad b/c my death row meal was a Steve's cheesesteak, american, wit with light sauce, spicy fries, and a birch beer. Its been the meal of my childhood, and I can't get it anymore. Very sad.

            2. re: Corporate_40

              Nick's on South 20th St still has Standard birch beer by glass or pitcher and Percy St BBQ has a good birch as well.

            3. Since others have tackled the Steve's question...

              What are you looking for, for $25 per person? Entrees only? A BYO or a place with a bar? Any particular ethnicities yay or nay? Of the places I really like in the city, only some in Chinatown are ones where you can get a full dinner and maybe a drink for that price, unless we're talking very basic stuff.