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Jun 14, 2010 08:59 AM

Farmers' Markets, Farm Stands, CSAs etc. Mid-Late June

Looks like we can go to slightly longer time periods now.

Brookline opens this week. I've had my email from Cindy the fish lady and look forward to seeing her and the rest of the great vendors in Brookline on Thursday.

What else is going on this week in the land of fresh & local.


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  1. Waltham Farmers Market had it's first day this past Sat., produce selection was a little thin, but what I did see looked pretty good and I got some nice strawberries and arugula. Seemed like a decent turnout early, also had a nice chat with the "pork guy" from

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      I too was at the Waltham Farmers Market this past Sat. Only 1 stall selling a variety of produce (lettuce, herbs, radishes, strawberries, bok choy etc), the rest are all selling just strawberries & potted herbs.

      Bought a pretzel-baguette from SwissBakers. Are they new this year? Love the bread!

    2. And, Just had a e-newsletter from the Harvard University market and they are opening tomorrow.


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        And the affiliated Allston market opens Friday.

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          Thanks Allstonian, I missed that one. I'll have to get over there and check that one out.


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          I stopped by, and the market was in full swing. 3 or 4 stands selling a good variety of produce (peas, including sugar snaps -- my favorite!, salad greens, kohlrabi, turnip, beets, garlic scapes, etc.). Plenty of potted plants (mostly herbs, but there were some small tomato and pepper plants); I got a chocolate mint and am eager to see if it really has a chocolate taste. There was also a stand selling olive oils and vinegars (there were people sampling, but I didn't try any), and the usual bakeries.

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            We visited the Harvard U market too. It really does have a nice vibe. My husband commented on the fact that it is in a park setting and quieter than most of the markets with traffic buzzing around them.

            We love them all but do enjoy this one. They have added a couple of vendors.
            Ward's had beautiful currents and the cheese chive scones from Mariposa are a special treat.


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              I agree - that is an especially nice market. I got some strawberries from Ward's - the best by far that I've found so far this season; some excellent snap peas from Silverbrook (not *quite* as sweet as the ones I got friday from Siena farms at Copley - their produce is just stunning; but vastly better than the starchy and old-tasting English peas that Kimball sold me on monday; end of pea comparison); and some very good yogurt from Narragansett Creamery, which is one of the new vendors that Penny mentions above. They were also giving out samples of their cheeses and spreads. One note: the farmer who had pork and beef as a sideline the last few years - I've forgotten his name - smaller stand, with very nice produce, next to Mariposa - isn't raising any this year, which is too bad. He does have some (frozen) beef cuts from last year but said it just wasn't practical for him this year. Still has eggs though.

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                I love the Harvard U. Market. I was there last week and got the nicest and tastiest strawberries from Ward's. I also got raspberries and tomatoes from Lanni Orchards and some lettuce from another vendor, but I forget which one. It was a beautiful head of organic Boston lettuce and man, was it good! The Harvard U. Market definitely has a great vibe. I like that there are tables nearby you can sit down at and the variety of vendors is wonderful. This will be a regular Tuesday stop all season long for me. I'm so lucky to work at Harvard myself!!

          2. First pick-up at Connors Farms on Saturday was 2 Romaine, 2 Boston Lettuce, mesclun including arugula, 3 bunches radishes of diffrent varieties, 2 quarts strawberries, potted chives plant. 6-pak of tomato plants. Everything looked like it had just been picked and as we work our way through it tastes wonderful. Three days later and I have to scramble to get those plants into the garden.

            1. RedFire pick up last week included two heads of green leaf lettuce, a huge bag of mixed greens, a huge bag of spinach, little white turnips, garlic scapes, bok choy, strawberries. All wonderful.

              1. Was at copley about 45 mins ago. It was a mob scene. Veggies (real veggies!) abound, though. I saw all kinds of beets, some early cabbages, a bunch of leaves, garlic scapes, some squashes, and the usual assortment of baked goods.

                It seems that the lunchiness of things is finally starting to settle in after a few meh weeks. I saw iggy's had their sandwich sign up with decent stock finally, and a few other people offering sandwiches. It was really crazy though. Next time I'm bringing a non-frozen lunch so I can eat it out there!