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Jun 14, 2010 06:14 AM

TN: 2000 Giorgio Pelissero Langhe Long Now

My wife's best friend is visiting and since we were making Italian, I decided I'd open some thing decent from the cellar. I ended up opening something that was way more than decent. I hadn't opened one of these for several years and it is even better than I remembered it. I beleive that the blend is 50/50 nebbiolo and barbera but I'm not positive. It is one of the wines from the great 2000 Piedmont vintage.

Almost inky , the color it was a deep, rich, velvety hue. The nose exhibited strong notes of dark cherrys, spices (nutmeg and clove), and flowers. The tanins were well integrated, and the cherry and chocolate flavors exploded on the palate with a slight under tone of tobacco. Well balanced yet very complex, with a medium to long finish.

While drinking wonderfully right now, I think this could still improve in the cellar. I only hope I can keep my hands off the two remaining so I can find out what they are like two to five years from now.

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  1. Tanzer also has it as a 50/50 blend

    1. Yes...the Pelissero is 1/2 Neb./1/2 Barb....have fond memories of that 2000 vintage..1st one they put out, I believe. Great stuff!