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Five Guys suggestion

Hello fellow hounds,
I am going to be killing time at Five Guys tonight and have always stayed pretty conservative there with my toppings choices: cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion + mmk.
I want to try something new and am wondering if any of you guys have a signature five guys burger
Let me know

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  1. That's the way I always get mine, so no suggestions here, but if you come up with something interesting, let us know.

    Geaux Tigers

    1. If you haven't had their hot dog, with your choice of toppings, I'd suggest that for a change of pace

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      1. re: L2k

        The hot dog for me is better than the burger..they split it and grill it!!!

        Hot Dog with cheese, bacon, mustard and chopped onion....HEAVEN!!

        1. re: christy1122

          They're kosher hot dogs, aren't they? I do find it funny how a kosher hot dog gets topped, by choice, with cheese and bacon. But at least they're going to be decent hot dogs getting topped by cheese and bacon.

          1. re: Fibber McGee

            Too bad there's not an oyster sauce condiment for it too.


      2. MMK??

        I go with cheese and bacon. K, M, P, O, Mayo.


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        1. Cheese, Bacon, A1, Grilled mushrooms, sometimes tomato

          1. Cheese, Bacon, Jalapenos, and Hot Sauce. (One of the reasons I love Five Guys is that the jalapenos are fresh and not pickled.)

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            1. re: justlauralibrarian

              Where are you that Five Guys is serving fresh jalapeƱos? Every one I've been to in Florida and Texas served pickled jalapeƱos.

              1. re: aynrandgirl

                My first Five Guys was in Chesapeake,Virginia, and now I'm in Akron,Ohio. I also had Five Guys in Winston-Salem last year, but I can't remember if I ordered it with jalapenos or not.

                1. re: aynrandgirl

                  I'm at 5 Guys right now in Huntsville, Al. They have fresh jalapenos.


                2. re: justlauralibrarian

                  The biggest reason I love Five Guys as well: Fresh Jalepenos. At least here in Murfreesboro, TN. they're fresh and not pickled. After that, just add cheese and mayo. Taste bud nirvana!!

                3. I am so in love with the deep fried crispy bacon I want to marry it. Thus, I always get a Little Bacon Cheeseburger with mayo, hot sauce, pickles, fresh onions and lettuce.

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                  1. re: masha bousha

                    I love bacon. But not the way 5 Guys makes it :(

                  2. On a regular cheeseburger I get lettuce (I usually remove some of it - they put too much), tomato, fried onions, extra pickles, mustard, ketchup (then I add more ketchup at the table) -- and mayo if I'm throwing caution to the winds. I love a drippy burger!

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                    1. cheese, sauteed onions, bbq, jalapenos.