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Jun 14, 2010 04:21 AM

"Lazy Man" Lobster - New trend in FFD CTY CT?

Two restaurants this weekend in FFD CTY and each served lobster. For an added $5 you can order it "Lazy Man." What would you think this meant? The jfoods thought it meant with the tail, claws andarms split open. The first place actually removed the meat from the shell and served ONLY the meat from the tail and the two claws and arms forming a "T" on the plate. Not only did it look pretty lonely (almost a Georgia O'Keefe style painting) but there were no pieces of shell to suck the juice from. It looked weird and they almost felt that they lost half of the experience of eating lobster. And for ~$45 dem shells are good eating.

So what does "Lazy Man" mean in restaurants in FFD CTY?

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  1. In my experience in the business "Lazy Mans" means no shells or bones, easy to eat.
    Such as picked lobster meat, BBQ ribs without the bones, ect.

    1. LOL, for an extra $5 the customer gets less.

      Reminds me about how bottled water often costs more than other water-based drinks. Why when you ADD stuff to water does it become cheaper?

      1. I have always found that 'Lazy Man's Lobster' means picked and you only get the tail and claw meat, no shells. It is often served in a gatin dish, baked or broiled with butter.

        Picked Lobster is usually brought tableside in the shell, and the waiter/server(PC) cracks the shells and picks out the meat for the guest. The shells are whisked off to the side on the service cart.

        Back in 1974, I was dating a girl who lived in North Miami Beach. I was supposed to fly down from NY on a Saturday and meet the family at a restaurant for her uncle's birthday. My flight on Eastern was late, and I arrived at the restaurant about 1 hour after the group had been seated. They were all eating lobter. On the service cart were 6 bodies from 4 lb lobsters, the family had all asked that the waiter crack and pick the meat for the diners.
        I ordered a drink, and when the waiter aasked for my order, I said, 'just wheel the service cart back, there's a fine meal in those bodies."
        6 Bodies from 4 pounders yields an awful lot of knuckle and tube meat. I was very happy.

        After dinner, my girlfriend went into the kitchen to see the chef (she was in the wholesale desserts business and this was a client).

        She came out of the kitchen and said the chef is really pissed. I asked, "Why was he plannning to eat the bodies himself?" Her reply, "NO, he was planning to use the meat from the bodies (along with others picked that night) for lobster salad on Sunday's lunch menu, and the shells for lobster bisque."

        I had killed his profit. I told her the chef had no right to be bitter, if the family hadn't asked the waiter to pick the lobsters, then the shells would have to go straight in the trash.

        My wife only eats the tail and claw meat on a lobster. I always pick the bosy meat and make lobster salad the next day.

        1. I thought you might find Ruth & Wimpy's Lazy menu and lobster 32 ways of interest.

          1. Field stripping your basic M-1 lobster is one of life's greatest pleasures. That's exactly what I'll be doing this Fathers' Day.
            Why get lobster out when you can get "Lobster at Home"? Apologies, of course, to Jasper White, the Yoda of lobster cookery.

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            1. re: steve h.

              Hey SH

              Here is a theory that jfood learned many moons ago from a old lobster fisherman in Cape Cod. Make sure those guys are really agrrevated when you plop them in the water. For some reason it supposedly releases something into the lobster that makes them extra sweet. No scientific evidence jfood has found, but people always loves his lobsyers.

              BTW - where you buying them?

              1. re: jfood

                Stamford Seafood supplies our lobsters. The quality is first-rate. It's a little mom and pop place, son and daughter help out. I pay cash when practical. It's important to me that I support the local guys when they deserve it.They buy their fish at the new Fulton market and do a pretty good job with special orders. Their lobster tank is cleaner than most homes in Rowayton.

                Re: taunting the sea roach. No, I just dump 'em head-first into boiling water after I've cut off the claw bands.

                Edited to add: I think the whole aggravation thing has a kernel of truth to it: livelier lobsters taste better than sleepy ones. I get perky lobsters at my local shop.

                1. re: steve h.

                  Agree that Stamford Seafood is top notch, clean, and family run and deserving of local business, which I often try to do. However, New Wave has better prices and a more extensive selection, with the same top quality seafood. Fjord in Cos Cob boasts even greater diversity, including a new prime aged meat department. They also offer that superb marlin dip that has been praised so often here. Plus, they're open Sunday mornings... where I now go for my Nova... sliced wafer thin.

                  But their prices are higher than SS or NW.

                  Steve, though I'm reluctant to dispute your or Jfood's agitation theory, I've always heard the adrenaline rush released by trauma to the lobster toughens the tail meat. Be thankfull Peta doesn't patrol this thread... there'd be anti-Lobster-torture demonstations all over New Canaan. (tho have read where Lobsters feel about as much pain as a grasshopper, dipped in chocolate.)

                  I always keep the claw bands on so the lobsters don't grab the top of the pot when I plunge them in head first. They don't melt in the heat, so why do you cut them pre-boil or steam?

                  1. re: louuuuu

                    Hi louuuuu,

                    I seldom season my seafood with rubber bands.

                    I never agitate my crustaceans but I do insist on purchasing only the liveliest. That was the point I was trying to make. I'll do better next time.

                    I'll give New Wave a shot but I have to keep my little mom & pop shop going. They gladly pick up any special orders I may have so that cuts down a bit on the limited quantity of excellent seafood.

                    That was a fine time at the stadium last night.

                2. re: jfood

                  Perhaps the agitation enhances flavor, but as for texture, I always dispatch the lobster by bringing a knife from the back of the head to the front, before steaming/stir-frying/baking.

                  1. re: jfood

                    We kids used to race them on the kitchen floor while waiting for the giant pot to boil. Maybe that's why the lobsters tasted so great.