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Jun 14, 2010 04:08 AM

Nomiya Help

Am trying to arrange a tour of the above for early to mid July. All I see available on the website
are workshops. The tours, along with lunch and dinner reservations (which I know are impossible to obtain) are not open yet, just the message "opening soon" is on the site. I know the spot is set to close in July, but I'm not sure what to think since the workshops are still showing as taking place. Can anyone shed any info? I've also emailed the facility but have not heard back. I only hesitate to book a workshop because I have a couple of picky eaters in my party. Thanks very much!

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  1. When we had lunch at Nomiya last month, our host told us that they are extending the concept at least until the fall and maybe to the end of the year. This was confirmed when we took our cooking class the next day by our (really hot!) cooking teacher.
    I am hoping to book dinner for my hubby's 50 birthday in September.

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      How do you think they would handle dietary restrictions for a workshop?

      1. re: travelluver

        It may be a problem. All the ingridients were already laid out for us and we mad a set menu, no imput from the class. I think the class makes the same meals as are served in the restaurant, maybe a day later? I have more details about the class on my blog:

        and here are my daughter's pictures from the classL

    2. I emailed them and got a reply that they are still in the works to extend the project, but have not confirmed the extension (although they do sound pretty sure about it, just not sure when it will be confirmed). In addition, they wrote the following about their prices...

      "We inform you as well that our prices for lunches and dinners have evolved. In contemplation of the possible extension of the project, our concept has been rethought to keep renewing the experience offered. Our appetizers are now more elaborate and we have added an extra one for lunches and two extra ones for dinners. An extra course was also added to dinner, and depending on the menu, will be served at a different time during the meal. Hence, lunches are now worth 80€ per person and dinners 100€ per person."

      More expensive! (although still including beverages I'm assuming) So now I have to decide on whether or not to splurge here as well... I know I've read several good reviews about the food and the view, but how does it compare to other lunches at, for example, Le Cinq (which is 78€ and 3 michelin stars) or any others that have been mentioned on the board? Of course, I know, it will probably have to depend on whether or not I'll be able to snatch a reservation!

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        I booked a workshop for my time there in July. The prices seem a bit steep to me for lunch when there is no menu choice. As I noted, we have a couple of finicky eaters in our party. I don't mind spending $27 euro on a workshop where not every course would be eaten, but for those prices at lunch and dinner, it might be a different story. I did see parisjo's pics and report and it sounded like a dream. A great experience I'm sure, for a 16 year old Paris newbie.

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          Well, I just happened to have gone to one of their lunch workshops, and knowing the price and the lack of choices for the lunch menus, the workshop was a good deal for the experience and the meal at the end. With the picky eaters, I believe you could actually sweet talk the instructor into substituting some menu items with others, like what I have seen done by other young attendees. Introducing your young ones to the idea of teamwork in a nice, kitchen setting would be a great experience too.

          However, just so you know, I was the only one who did not speak fluent French there, and I made it known in advance. While the instructor was doing her best to be accommodating, there was a lot of the experience I missed, from the detailed instructions, to picking up the little tips on doing the dishes right, to engaging in some very interesting-sounding conversation about French cuisine with some vivid, local food enthusiasts. I still enjoyed the ambiance and the food, although this made me wish my French were much, much better. I just thought that with the level of English support in the website about the workshop, it was a bit misleading that the it (at least the one I attended) was predominantly in French, with little support for the average English speaking person. Of course YMMV depending on the mix of people you have.

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            I went to a lunch workshop with my daughter (20 yrs old) and it was only checking in that day that I wondered which language the workshop would be conducted in, French or English. I was told French but if we needed translation it would be provided. I have to say I'm glad I speak decent French and that my daughter is perfectly bilingual. It increased our enjoyment of the experience. I think that it might be frustrating for someone who doesn't have any French. A lot goes on, there are no hand-outs (they make a big point of that as there are plans to eventually publish the recipes). The emphasis is more on method, technique and teamwork. There were several French locals who had attended several times already and knew where things are located in the kitchen, know the drill so to speak. I think that if I go again it will be more fun b/c I will not spend time wondering, what do I do now? A lot depends on the others in the group and that will effect your experience to some degree, obviously. All in all, I learned a few things and enjoyed sitting around the large table afterwards, sharing the food that we had prepared. It's a bargain at 27 euros.

            1. re: tortoiseshell

              I have the same thought that it will definitely be even more fun the second time around, not having to wonder where everything is and what to do next. In my group half the people have been there multiple times too, with one who seemed to know the kitchen inside-out. I am looking forward to being there again, with a buddy or two.