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Jun 14, 2010 12:23 AM

Restaurants in 99 Ranch - Sam Woo/168

Anyone been to Sam Woo or 168 in 99 Ranch lately? I stopped going to the Sam Woo in SD years ago as the quality of the food was pretty bad -- certainly much lower than their other locations in Orange County/LA. Was wondering if perhaps it had improved and was worth trying again since I have yet to find a good casual, low priced Cantonese restaurant in San Diego (if anyone has any suggestions please let me know).

168 used to be on my rotation a couple years ago but ever since they remodeled the food quality seemed to be much lower. Perhaps they got a new chef or something. In any case I haven't been back for maybe a couple of years but every time I walk by after shopping at 99 Ranch I wonder if it's worth another try.

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  1. I haven't been in years because their food was too greasy.

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      I like going to Sam Woo for the won ton noodle soup breakfast special and the bbq pork pan fried noodles. It's the best value I've found as it's only a 10 minute drive on a Sunday morning and under $4 for a big bowl of soup. It's not worth it to me to drive a few hours to Orange County for a bowl of soup.

      I've been getting those dishes for years and don't notice much change. I don't have any problem with the quality compared to other places in San Diego. Another place I like in San Diego for won ton noodle soup and bbq pork pan fried noodles is Hong Kong BBQ. Their pan fried noodles are a bit better.

      Hong Kong Restaurant
      3871 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

    2. I went to 168 recently and I liked their pork chop rice. I was surprised to see that it was one of the better versions I've had in a while and that includes versions from places in LA. It wasn't very greasy, but I've had other dishes there that are puddles of oil.

      No good Cantonese food anywhere to be found, although Minh Ky does good Viet-Chinese food, which is very slightly reminiscent of Cantonese. Great egg noodle soups and their roast duck is ok.

      1. I sometimes drop in for lunch and stick with triple BBQ noodle, squid with spicy salt, and the woked green beans. Not mind blowing but consistently a bit above average. Last time I was in the dining area was pretty dirty.

        1. Thanks for the input everyone.

          geekiefoodie: I actually used to get the pork chop rice there a long time ago and sort of forgot about it until you mentioned it. I remember it was pretty good. I'll have to give that a try again sometime. 168 was always a little hit or miss since their menu is so large I always wondered how they could keep that much food around without it spoiling (I guess maybe a lot of it is frozen).

          1. We went to Sam Woo a few weeks ago. Long enough that I don't remember each specific dish we ordered but recently enough to remember we were all very happy with what we got. We didn't get barbecue- just ordered off the sit down menu and had seafood-oriented dishes. Scallops, fish, and the inevitable honey walnut shrimp I believe. The waitress was good enough to warn us off one of the things we planned to order because the main ingredient (eggplant?) was not at peak at that particular time. We all appreciated that. We'll be back.