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Jun 13, 2010 11:51 PM

Cheap Seafood Market/Restaurant in Stamford

What's a good and cheap seafood restaurant or market? I'm looking specifically for crabs or raw oyster?

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  1. nothing really good will be "cheap", per se, but I have had excellent fish consistently from New Wave Seafood on Camp Ave in Stamford. A bit pricier but also excellent is Darien Seafood.

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      Second New Wave. Not sure about crabs (assume you mean live blue claws) in stock, but I'm sure they would order if you wanted a bushel. Dungeneess, they may have.

      Oysters, definitely in stock...

    2. Yup Nw Wave for the market as well for jfood. Also when you go in they have a self serve area in the rear, where you can choose your own 1-person fishes and some clams and oysters.