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Jun 13, 2010 09:26 PM

Lockhart's BBQ Royal Oak, MI ISO advance intelligence

I was parking near the R.O. Farmer's Market Saturday and saw an E. Third Street business going up called Lockhart's BBQ---- Anybody have advance reconnaissance? The architect's drawings on the website look encouraging.

PS--My typing is bad because of an elbow-nerve thing, but when it comes back I'll do a little writeup on the new E-Mart Korean grocery at 16Mile and Dequindre (has a food counter/tables up front); also, I should do a brief writeup on the corporate chain, sports bar "Boston's" on Hall Rd. (unless someone beats me to the punch, on these)

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  1. Lockhart's grand opening SUPPOSEDLY is a week from today. They are talking a big game about quality smoked meats. Any Chowhounders interested in meeting up* there next Friday eve or Saturday lunchtime? If not, I will be reporting back and let you know whether it is an able challenger to Lazybones and Blue Ox but with beer, or whether it is just a Famous Dave's pig-out minus the convenient parking...
    *warning: I'll have a 4yr old with me, but he can be ignored as if he isn't even there. Yeah, right. :-)

    1. its from the same guys that own the royal oak brewery and the detroit brew co.

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          Went by today (23 Aug) and the doors are physically open but all the contractors are doing their punchlist items trying to get Cert. Occupancy. So, it looks like another week or so.

          1. re: goatgolfer

            Yup....the latest info (Facebook...reliable?) is Thurs or Fri (8/26-7). Sorry, I would have given an update had I realized someone else was giving attention to the opening.

            I'm being a bit naive holding out hope that this place will be sweet, but what the heck. At my age, it's not like there are so many other new things to which one can look forward. ;-)

            Notwithstanding, JanPrimus already states he's "taking a pass" on this place, since it's directly across the street from R.O. Police HQ. Not sure what that's all about.

            1. re: vtombrown

              For the record I have never had a run in with that SPECIFIC P.O.

              It is Livonia that I avoid.