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Jun 13, 2010 08:21 PM

Tiffin Wallah closed by health dept, making repairs

As of this evening, Tiffin Wallah is closed. There's a Health Dept yellow sticker in the window, and a handwritten note dated the 11th, saying that they're closed for repairs, and will reopen in 10 days from that date.

Continuing around the block, I found that Pongal has been taken over by R Israel Meir Steinberg. So much for that. So I ended up at Madras Mahal instead.

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  1. is there some web sight that tracks
    nyc health department infractions?
    i'd be curios to know what's wrong.
    their cheap indian food was good.

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    1. re: Joe Berger

      The NYC Dept of Health has a website where you can look up your favorites:

      A common problem is to not to keep hot food hot enough, and cold food cold enough. In comparing the inspection reports for the places I visit, I am always surprised by how a place that appears clean (the tables are always wiped down) gets the same rating as the roach-infested dive that you get coffee from. A place that is struggling financially would be expected to cut corners in many areas, but I am always impressed by how the places that cost $$$ and are always busy also don't get it right when it comes to food safety.

      1. re: Dovid

        at useful link to keep bookmarked;
        search for "glatt" or "kosher" and
        you will find many favorite places
        who need to clean up their acts.

    2. I've never heard of this place but after checking the links provided for health department records I saw that this place got 82 violation points! Passing is anything below 28. I think the BOH did you a favor in closing this place down for "repairs"

      FYI - the most points currently on record with the BOH is 286!! WOW.