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Jun 13, 2010 08:07 PM

Fairly reliable rumor about New Belgium?

Took a tour of the brewery, heard they're building a second facility to enable them to distribute in all the lower 48 except Utah.

Any idea if this is a credible rumor? I live in KY and can't tell you how happy I'd be to be able to drink Skinny Dip and Blue Paddle next summer, not to mention 1554!

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  1. Dont know. Just went to a beer dinner featuring Kim Jordan and she mentioned they are still maxed out in terms of handling the areas they already serve (as a response to the question will you be distributing on the east coast soon) and didnt seem to indicate any plans to go full 48 any time terribly soon (and you figure that would be an announcement she would be eager to make if it was true). Although you are much closer to them than I am so perhaps youll see it in the next few years.

    1. They have some sort of agreement w/Elysian where they make their product for east coast sales. maybe, they're gonna hook up w/an east coasr brewer who has excess capacity?

      1. Well, while many of us have no doubt experienced (let's call it) "less than accurate" info from the guides at brewery tours, I'd think that something that specific could be considered more than a "rumor". It was also reported in the local paper The Coloradian "New Belgium tops Brewers Association list, eyes west coast for new brewery" (Google cached version - no longer on the paper's site) complete with a quote from NB's PR guy.

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          THANK YOU! *applauds*

          I googled and googled and couldn't find anything. Should have known that the 'hounds would come through! :)