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Jun 13, 2010 07:53 PM

10-year-old's first trip to London

I'm taking my 10-year-old daughter (she lives in Boston; I split my time between NYC and Boston) on safari in Tanzania. We are flying through London in each direction, and since she never has been to London, I decided we should spend a couple of days on our return before heading back to the States. (I'm going to take her on one of the embarrassing tour buses, in order to orient her to the city, so if anyone can recommend one of them over the others, I'd greatly appreciate it!)

Although I don't feel it necessary to take her to fancy meals while we are in London, I do want to take her to restaurants that are more British or European than what she typically experiences at home. So on that basis, I booked dinner at Bentley's on one night, and at Clarke's another. As I have never been to either of these, I'd appreciate people's thoughts on these choices, or on alternatives we might consider in Central London (we likely will stay at the Hilton Metropole, although I haven't ruled out splurging on The Athenaeum).

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  1. i like and enjoy clarkes, but i think you'll have a better experience at nearby launceston place. check out their website. a big plus - apart from the excellent cooking of course - is that you are eating as a local would, in one of londons prettiest neighborhoods.

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      Thanks. Would you suggest Lauceston one night and Bentley's the other?

      1. re: Blumie

        i haven't been to bentleys so i can't truthfully answer. but i've lived here 10 years now and have never ever heard of anyone raving about bentleys if that helps you any.

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          i like bentley's for oysters but wouldn't bother otherwise.

          for a more casual option, what about fish n chips after having had afternoon tea somewhere (there are lots of threads about both if these subjects).

          1. re: abby d

            Thanks. I DK'ed Bentley's in favor of Texture. And I definitely will do afternoon tea wit her! Thanks!

      2. My friends who live there say the tour bus you pick up at the Ritz is the best.

        I just took my 14 year old to London and she loved it. There is a very edgy but cool exhibit at Kensington Palace right now on the 7 princesses who lived there. Right next to it is the Orangery for a bite to eat. We also had a lovely tea out on the outdoor terrace on the top floor of Harvey Nichol's (17 pounds verses 34 at Fortnum and Mason's). Green's or Woolsly's are two other central British places to eat at.