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Jun 13, 2010 05:19 PM

Portland/Ogunquit Weekend Report

DH just wants good grub so we started out in Portland ME with the idea of just getting some good lobster and fried seafood. Nothing fancy and nothing too expensive. After cruising Casco Bay on the mailboat run we head to the Portland Lobster Co. for a late lunch. DH opted for a lobster roll/not mayo which came with cole slaw and french fries plus a side of onion rings. I decided on coconut fried shrimp which were a bit overdone but I liked the vinegary dipping sauce. DH decided lobster roll was okay but he preferred a little mayo. Onion rings and fries, nothing special. Cole slaw adequate. Dining on the deck made things nicer. Portland's a great city to be in on a sunny, June day.

Thanks to a local free paper I spotted an announcement that Mt Desert Island Ice Cream had opened a shop on Exchange Street. There my recent fantasies of a great banana ice cream came true: blackstrap banana. I got two scoops, the second was also great: salted caramel. Go when it's not busy if you want to try a few flavors before choosing. I'm glad I tried the Thai Chili but I don't think I would enjoy more than a spoonful. It's like frozen satay peanut sauce with a hot kick. It's the hot kick that came out of nowhere that I didn't care for. DH did not care for his peanut butter ice cream because he really wants peanut butter cup ice cream.

Did a very leisurely drive down shore roads south to Ogunquit where we stayed at the Dunes. Great location. Great old-fashioned cottage type of place far enough back from Rt 1 to be away from the noise but not the convenience.

Mike's Clam Shack was on my list of places to consider and since it wasn't far from the Dunes. There we went. DH won the best choice award for the half and half fried seafood plate. His choice: whole belly clams and scallops. The breaded batter was different than what we are used to and it was great. The scallop batter was similar but seemed to have a bit of lemon flavor to it. Ordinary fries and cole slaw. Great service. My lobster roll was very good and I chose the special with a cup of thick clam chowder. Yummy.

Walked the Marginal Way. Cruised around, visited shops and were back at Mikes for a late lunch: 11am-4pm one pound lobster dinner for $12.95. The lobster comes with a small bowl of fries and cole slaw. Great value. The weather was lousy so we decided against Beach Plum Farm and it looked like they weren't doing much business. Drove a short ways for dessert at Sundaes at the Beach where DH was very happy with peanut butter cup ice cream which he rated slightly below Ben and Jerry's because B&J's has bigger chunks of peanut butter cup. I chose Amaretto and my second scoop: Coffee. Can't remember the Maine names they use but the ice cream is locally made and very creamy.

We debated dinner and decided to try Billy's Chowder House in Ogunquit that our waitress had recommended if we weren't going to eat at Mike's a third time. We decided our arteries were starting to clog so DH opted for broiled swordfish, baked potato and vegetable of the day/corn on the cob. Right there you can see a problem because it was only mid June so that corn on the cob wasn't local and we usually only eat corn that's been picked that day but DH said the potato was good. He thought the swordfish was probably frozen. At home we never buy previously frozen swordfish. I opted for a big salad of walnuts, blue cheese, craisins, etc with pomgranite vinegraitte and a cup of lobster stew. The stew was great, full of lobster chunks and buttery milky broth. The salad was ordinary but the dressing was sub par. I thought it contained too much olive oil and maybe a poor quality one at that. Just didn't have flavor. The service was excellent however and the waitress brought be a second little cup of dressing to try. I'm glad the dressing was served on the side but should have tried a different kind.

We made a visit to Pie in the Sky because I wanted rhubarb pie but DH blanched when he saw the prices ($30/pie) so we bought some nice big pieces of blueberry coffee cake bars ($3/ea) instead. The pies looked good but we're used to much cheaper prices at our local farmstand although the farmstand cook doesn't bake such fancy pies.

I didn't add this post to the existing Ogunquit thread because the other posters seemed to want fine dining rather than just good grub.

Sundaes at the Beach
231 Post Road, Wells, ME

Billy's Chowder House
216 Mile Rd, Wells, ME 04090

Mike's Clam Shack
RR 1, Wells, ME 04090

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  1. Great writeup and glad you enjoyed your weekend in Maine

    1. We have had similar reactions to Pie in the Sky in the past and don't even go in there any more. As much as we want fresh pie, we don't want it THAT much. :)

      1. Nice report. Billy's Chowder House is in Wells. Next time for fried seafod, lobsters, etc. at very reasonable prices try Fisherman's Catch in Wells. Very very casual and excellent food.
        Pie in the Sky used to be wonderful. The last 3 times I got pies from there, they were not good.(e.g. pecan pie filling was liquid). I think the owner- pie maker is getting older and is not as meticulous in making pies as she used to be. And, yes, $30 is a ridiculous price for a pie.

        Billy's Chowder House
        216 Mile Rd, Wells, ME 04090

        Fisherman's Catch Restaurant
        Landing Rd Lowr Lowr, Wells, ME 04090

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          thanks for the correction. It's kind of hard to remember where we were since the towns just blend together. A friend just told me Billy's was their favorite place for fried seafood and they didn't like Mike's. But darn, the Fisherman's Catch was on my list until the waitress suggested Billy's. Obviously, we have to go back.

          Fisherman's Catch Restaurant
          Landing Rd Lowr Lowr, Wells, ME 04090