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Jun 13, 2010 04:34 PM

My 21st birthday 6/26/2010

Hey all I'm turning 21 on the 26th of this month and want some help finding ideas for places to go. For the first part of the night Im looking for a place to go with my family, would like to keep the food cheap for this part at less than 20 a piece, you know places like TGIF, applebees and the likes of that, but would like comfortable seating (no squeezing into a non movable booth ( in a big guy)). PROB A GROUP OF 16 SO COMF SEATING PREFERED. also a plus if the place had a good selection of drinks ( not huge on beer... looking to try multiple drinks). and the 2nd part of this would be places to go either later that night or later on the next night with my friends.. all over 21, the only thing i would ask is no "clubs". Yes i know it seems like i want and or am asking too much but anything and any ideas help. Thanks everybody. either reply here or to me and

By the way im in san diego

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  1. I would look at Bite in Hillcrest. No entree over $20 a good wine list and specialty cocktails. great place to order a lot and share for a reasonable price.

    If it was me I would go to one of SD's Speak easies (Kind of a hidden bar that specializes in cocktails
    My 2 cents anyway

    have a great Birthday

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      Thanks chris I am looking at those places now as we speak. Bite looks great but because some of my family is older ( little pickier they wont like idea of sharing it would seem) but again thank you cause me and friends will def go again on diff time.

      But still others please post as well because i got time and the more selections and ideas i get from all of you the better i know this birthday can be.

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        How old is older? You don't have to share plates if you don't want. They have regular size entrees if some of your family wants to go that way. Are they local or are they coming from somewhere else to help you celebrate?

    2. happy early birthday! same day as mine, though you're a heck of a lot younger ;)

      *where* in SD do you live or want to go out? are you planning to cab/have a designated driver, or would you prefer places that are close to you and each other?

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Well happy early birthday to you as well.

        I live in fashion valley and for the family meal their will def be designated drivers and anywhere that is not downtown for ANYTHING would be amazing.

        For the later thing it will be friends only no family and their will also we a designated driver. they dont need to be close to me or each other but would again like to avoid downtown.

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          got it. Turf Supper Club could be fun for dinner - you grill your own food and it's less pricey than a traditional steakhouse.

          Turf Supper Club
          1116 25th St, San Diego, CA 92102

      2. After thinking about it i think some of the family members would prefer a place like black angus or something like that. I think a perfect place would be one where you could eat under 20 per person or you could go and get a nice expensive steak. (jesh while im at it might ask for world peace too right?)

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          Happy Birthday, I love Cancers :-)

          It's a short (10 min?) drive East of FV to the Riveria Supper Club in La Mesa - Original owners of the Turf Club. Most of the entrees are $20 or under, the sides are $5 - 8 bucks but will feed 2-3 people generously, plus their bartenders pour some seriously good cocktails. You grill your meat. It's fun and it will keep you within your budget. That's the good news. The down side is that the Riveria could use some spiffing up; it's a tad bit seedy and the clientel the same. BUT...if you go early, i.e. before 7 pm no one will know what it morphs into later in the evening (it trends young and gets loud). My 90 y.o. mother actually LIKES the Riveria Supper Club, especially if we hit it about 5:30 or 6 pm. Earlier in the evening you will see everyone from couples on dates to families with young kids to , well, my 90 year old mother.

          There's a Stuart Anderson on Friar's Rd. right before it changes into Mission Gorge Rd. but I really, really can't recommend it. Not because it's Stuart Anderson or a chain, but because the last time I ate there it was truly awful and ranks as one of the 10 worst meals I've ever had.

          Check out the menu for Bully's East - - most likely over your price range, but they do some really good prime rib and steaks, plus they make good cocktails too.

          Happy Birthday and have a good time :-


          Bully's East
          2401 Camino Del Rio S, San Diego, CA 92108

        2. I would look into Alchemy in South Park. They have a wide variety of food including steak, fish, vegetarian, burgers. They also have some good beers, wine and some good cocktails. In addition pretty much evertthing is below $20. I have seen quite often large groups at Alchemy.

          1. With a request for a place that will be able to seat 16 people for dinner on a Saturday night, be large and comfortable enough to seat you all in the same spot with lots of room, but will also keep to under $20 a person, I think your pickings are somewhat limited. Especially if you want to stay out of downtown, where there are more restaurants that can accommodate large groups (but there, the prices are usually higher and the quality doesn't usually warrant it - so you're actually better off staying away).

            I'd say try Cucina Urbana in Banker's Hill. It is a large place and they do family-style portions on many of their apps, so you can get a great deal sharing those. The cocktails and infused liquors are first-rate, so there are lots of drinks to try. And the food is excellent and priced well. Lots of good dishes and variety on the menu. So, you may be able to stay on budget there. And, they have that large semi-private table in the wine-area, so you could possibly get a group of 16 comfortably back there and have plenty of space (although the wine shoppers do walk back there to check out wines - but that's all in the atmosphere). They have been consistently booked since they opened, so you may want to call ASAP.

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            1. re: cookieshoes

              Thank you for your ideas.

              And again to others more ideas are definitely welcome so if you have them post them