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Jun 13, 2010 04:27 PM

ISO: Sushi restaurants in downtown Toronto that use brown rice

I know, I know - brown rice isn't exactly what most sushi eaters would probably go for, but I'm just wondering is anyone knows of any sushi restaurants in the city that use, or at least offer the option, of brown rice with their sushi.

Any help would be appreciated as always! :)

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  1. the last time i was at sushi D for ayce...which was a while ago, they offered some rolls with brown rice.

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    1. re: c_snapper

      Thanks for the rec.!

      I actually found another place at Carlton & College called Sushi Shop. Unlike most places I've seen that offer brown rice, they use it without extra charge! Brilliant!!

      Their sushi is quite different from 'traditional' sushi too, which is a nice change for me. Experimentation is always a delight :)

    2. At the moment the name eludes me however, on the north west side of Queen at John there is a place which offers brown rice for a $1 extra. They also have Korean dishes. It isn't the best sushi in the world but it isn't bad either. I've eaten there many times in my 10+ years in Toronto.

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        HoSu Bistro.

        The food isn't very good but I have eaten brown rice vegetarian sushi there from time to time when I am trying to find a somewhat healthy fast food lunch.

      2. Sushi Island on College does brown rice.

        1. did you try sushi shop?? was it good? i am curious about brown rice for sushi too, just don't know where to go.........

          1. The original comment has been removed