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Jun 13, 2010 04:22 PM

German food in Hooksett NH--Bavaria Restaurant

This place got a write-up in the Union Leader a while back, but haven't seen any feedback here. It's been open only 8 weeks, but seems to have found a local following; pretty busy for a Tuesday night. It's located in a strip mall in Hooksett, go up the hill around the back. Knowing nothing about German food, I will say the offerings were very tasty. We had a sausage sampler with sauerkraut and a crispy potato pancake for apps, and weinerschnitzel and a beef rouladen for mains. I'm thinking this place will be great once the snow returns. Owners are from Munich, service was friendly, they serve wine and beer. A little pricey, but high quality. Here's the website:

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! We went here yesterday and thought it was great. I actually think we ordered the same items minus the sausage sampler (which we will try next time). It did get pricey after a starter, entrees, and a couple of beers, but portions were very generous and the quality was good. Some entrees were less expensive (like the sausages), so one could get out with a cheaper bill. Will definitely be back.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up on this. My fiancee and I ate here for lunch today.

      We too had the M√ľnchner Wurstplatte as an appetizer and thought everything on the plate was perfect. She had the Veal Rahmschnitzel and I had the Veal J√§gerschnitzel. Both came swimming in delicious sauces and the spaetzel was quite good as well.

      We were happily surprised to find the veal was pan fried, not battered and deep fried as most restaurants prepare schnitzel.

      They have a respectable german bier selection as well.

      This is now our favorite german restaurant in the area, much better than Jacob Wirth, the Green Barn, and even Wirtshaus in our opinion.

      1. My wife and I stopped in last Saturday, and enjoyed a great meal in an unlikely location. My appetizer was an ENORMOUS marzen (see pic), so I may have had a more positive and forgiving attitude than normal by the time the entrees arrived. Muncher Wurstplatte featured what I believe was bratwurst, knackwurst, and a couple of other sausages that I enjoyed thoroughly but couldn't identify. Nicely pan fried Jagerschnitzel was full of porkiness that pushed it's way through the copious amounts of flavorful sauce. I'm not an expert on the subject of spatzle, but these examples had the bouncy chew of a well made ramen noodle. Good stuff!!

        1. Are the prices as listed in their downloadable menu for real??? $26 for (veal) wienerschnitzel, $7.50 for apfelstrudel and $13 for a liter of Spaten! That's beyond pricey... I hope that there are at least busty waitresses! We'll check it out - but man that's like paying 30 EUR for a burger, a slice of pie and 2 bottles of Bud.

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            Seems a little pricey on the beer. Even in Boston you could get a liter of imported Ofest for $12 at Olde magoun saloon.

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              Yes, the prices are for real unfortunately. I think we've been back once or twice but it really is an expensive meal. My next trip will be to the Wirsthaus in Methuen, as I have read some good reviews. It's also a good $10 less per plate than Bavaria.

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                These prices are higher than here in the SF Bay area! Seems really steep for N.H.

                Both great food and drink.

              2. Finally made it back for lunch yesterday--we were totally amazed that the waitress remembered us from our first visit back in June! For starters we had the liver dumpling soup--a softball sized dumpling in a delicious broth. If you like liver, you will love this--very unusual, we enjoyed it. I had the currywurst with fries as the main, a modern German classic. Dining companion had the kasespatzle, spatzle with cheese gratin, served with a salad. The quality of the ingredients, and the presentation were excellent, and the food delicious. Lunch with two .5 liter Spaten Oktoberfest beers was $48. I can see how other posters would consider this place on the high-end, but it is a slightly formal, white tablecloth, cloth napkin restaurant aiming for a specific crowd. It feels European, like a gastronomic inn outside of Munich. The place was full for lunch and the waitress said that Friday and Saturday night are by reservation only. For the quality of the experience, I think it's worth the money.