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California Olive Oil in Los Angeles

I am looking for suggestions as to places to buy, and brands to buy.

Some in the $20 range, either in the Provence style, or the gusty southern.

Also, a good cooking oil

I figure it is time to try our own.


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  1. Go to any of the larger farmers' market; they all have olive oil vendors, and you can try before you buy. I personally use Petrou Foods as my go-to, unless I have a dish that needs Arbequina (which I get from Spain, sorry).

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      Love me some Arbequina. I get mine at Market Gourmet in Venice (when they have it) or from The Olive Press:


      Like DU mentions - most local FMs that have a good number of booths will usually have California olive oil vendors. Santa Monica FM on Arizona always has a vendor, and Mar Vista has had one now for a little over a month - Joelle from NorCal. Good stuff, but I don't recall gutsy peppery stuff (don't know either way). The one I'm enjoying now is actually very buttery and rich - the name of the variety is, "Mission." Later harvest more mature olives...


      Market Gourmet
      1800 Abbot Kinney Blvd, A Venice, CA

    2. I have seen California olive oil at Trader Joe's and Pavilions. Don't know which style they are.

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        Trader Joe's has a california olive oil that i have been buying for years & I love it. It has a very unique almost banana-ish flavor. I only use it for salad dressings and to dip bread--no cooking. It combines beautifully with balsamic. And it is pretty inexpensive. It is their own brand & comes in a tall skinny dark bottle.

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          +++ re the California Olive Oil at Trader Joe's.

      2. Well, I can't vouch for the quality, but let me put in a plug for the oil made at my alma mater, Caltech. There are a lot of old olive trees living the walkways and some students decided to make oil a few years back, and the effort blossomed. Santa Barbara Olive Company is involved in making the oil, so the production end is commercial at least. So if you want to try out a local (Pasadena) source, here is an option.


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          We also use olive oil from Caltech.

        2. I like BR Cohn Winery's olive oil. Though I don't see them on market shelves often (Sur la Table may have them on occasion), you can get them online:

          You might check your favourite vineyard and see if they also make olive oils....

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            I enjoy BR Cohn wines. They seem to limit their distribution, making their products a little harder to find.

          2. The Olive Press is my favorite and sells at a number of LA farmers markets- it is the best, they also have a wonderful Arbequina. (You don't need to buy Arbequina from Spain any longer). It's the real deal and the selection is great - from delicate to super robust. No matter what, stick to California Extra Virgin. Be careful not to buy cheap imports.

            1. Evan Kleiman had a good discussion of California olive oils on her show a couple weeks ago. Here's a link to her site where you can stream the podcast.


              McEvoy is probably the best known California olive oil. Bristol Farms sells it as well as a number of other California oils. I think Joan's on Third also has it.

              The problem with buying olive oil at the farmers markets is that your choices will obviously be far more limited than at a retail store. Adams Ranch sells at SM and Hollywood and I think their arbequina is decent. There is another olive oil vendor at the north end of the Hollywood market, but their oil is atrocious.

              1. we love the California Olive Ranch Brand of olive oils grown in the Napa Valley. http://www.californiaoliveranch.com/ you can purchase online and in various markets

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                  COR is based in Oroville and doesn't have orchards in Napa Valley.

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                    Oroville is a world away from Napa.

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                    I'll second this. It's on sale at Henry's Market this week for $5.99. It's not terribly close to me but to stock up, this might be worth a trip.

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                      I have California Olive Ranch brand in my cupboard now, and can't wait for it to disappear.
                      Strictly meant for cooking, with no fruitiness whatsoever.
                      Very disappointing.
                      San Giuliano (not Californian I realize), is sooooo much better tasting. Gelsons currently has it on sale.
                      Would love better input on TJ olive oils if anyone has tasted all of them, which there seem to be too many to be able to select without some input.

                    2. FYI
                      the olive festival in Paso Robles is August 21. Everything is California olive oil. I've never tasted so many. It was lots of fun. The olive oil ice cream was one of the best things I've ever eaten.

                      1. Don't forget Surfas, they have some interesting california olive oils as well.

                        1. Find a farmer's market that carry's Joelle - they have several different types and they let you sample. I know they are at the Santa Clarita Farmers Market on Sunday

                          Also you could try We Olive. The closest one to LA is Ventura

                          Ventura, CA

                          294 E. Main Street
                          Ventura, CA. 93001
                          (805) 648-6166
                          (805) 648-6188 fax

                          They had several california oils and let you sample

                          Main Street Cafe
                          12939 Main St, Garden Grove, CA 92840

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                            I mentioned Joelle upthread. The have been at the Sunday Mar Vista FM on Grandview for a little over a month now.

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                              We were at We Olive in Ventura yesterday. He does, indeed, carry a wide variety of oils and he loves to educate his customers with tastes.

                            2. Fresh and Easy has California olive oil (along with oil from the usual suspects, Italy, Spain, Greece as well as Australia).

                              1. I've had a lot of mediocre California olive oil I have to say, esp for the price. And I'm usually the first to say buy local. Haven't had a chance to sample some of the farmers market brands yet, but there are a couple CA EVOO's that have been consistently good. One is Katz, which a lot of fine dineing restaurants use as a finishing oil and Bariani which is really good and fresh; their Balsamic was surprisingly good as well


                                1. This weekend I went to Ojai Olive Oil http://www.ojaioliveoil.com/ They do tours on Saturdays and have a tasting room. Their oil was very good. Its also sold via their website or in different farmers markets and stores around Ojai.

                                  1. Order online from Rancho Olivos. Local grower in Santa Ynez. Especially nice Arbequina. They also have flavored--garlic and lemon.

                                    1. I usually get my olive oil from Trader Joe's. Also got some from Henry's Market that I liked a lot. I'll look and see the exact name on it. Also, I have a coupon for a place in Pasadena called Beyond The Olive. I haven't beent there yet, but I think they'd be a good option.

                                      1. fabulous place in pasadena--beyond the olive--sells several hundred varieties of CA olive oil, as well as vinegars and tapenades, etc. supremely nice and knowledgeable proprietors, amazing selection of wares. lots of tasting opportunities. just a great resource.

                                        beyond the olive
                                        10 N Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105