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Jun 13, 2010 04:13 PM

Best ma po tofu?

Where can I find the best ma po tofu in San Gabriel Valley? I've tried it at Face Cafe -- it's served in a hot pot but the portion is very small and there's not much meat. And I've tried it at Tasty Noodle House -- ehhhhh, good portion but not much meat either.

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  1. Chung King

    Chung King Restaurant
    1000 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

    1. With the caveat that I've only tried meatless versions (i.e., mala doufu), I prefer the one at Chung King (the one on San Gabriel). I've tried the one at New Chongqing and Shu Feng (the one in Focus Plaza), but much prefer the one at Chung King.

      Ordering this dish at a non-Sichuan place like Tasty Noodle House is usually bound to result in disappointment.

      Chung King Restaurant
      1000 S San Gabriel Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

      1. Does anyone have any favorites (in any area) for Japanese style mabo? I love both versions, but for different reasons. I like Foo-Foo Tei's, but don't adore it.

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          The mabo ramen at Foo-Foo Tei, ordered extra spicy, is my favorite version in the L.A. area. Sorry but every other version that I've tried pales in comparison except for the one offered as a special at Ramen Halu in San Jose. And it was special!

          Foo-Foo Tei
          15018 Clark Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

          1. re: noahbites

            mabo tofu is best made at home. none of the japanese restaurants in torrance make it very well.

            i have to try some of the sichuan restaurants in the sgv to see if my mapo doufu recipe is up to scratch!

            1. re: raizans

              Dunno if it's strictly mabo tofu, but the chin-ma han at Chin-Ma-Ya, Weller Court, Little Tokyo is really tasty.

              1. re: thestratbrat

                There's also a Chin-Ma-Ya in Gardena in that strip mall with ShinSenGumi at the Western exit off the 405.

          2. For Sichuan ma po tofu you might be best served trying all the spots suggested by Servorg and will47. See which tastes best to you. I regularily make this at home using the Fuchsia Dunlop recipe which is extraordinary, as good or better than ones that I've had in various SGV spots over the last few years. Please note that ma po tofu is rarely 'meaty' because the ground meat is a topping, not a main ingrediant. I liked the version at Yun Gui Garden or which ever name they are/were using but Yelp is showing that they are closed which really sucks if true!

            Yun Gui Garden
            301 N Garfield Ave Ste D, Monterey Park, CA 91754

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            1. re: sel

              sel, rumors of the demise of Yunchuan Garden are greatly exaggerated. Stopped by there today for a to go order of spicy szechuan noodles.

              1. re: JThur01

                Cool, very cool!
                Thanks JThur01!

            2. New Chong Qing, followed closely by Shufeng Garden.