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Jun 13, 2010 02:33 PM

Looking for a Thermal carafe coffeemaker

Looking for a new coffee maker, this time witrh a thermal carafe. There are 2 buy Cuisinart , one at Peet's coffee and the other at Starbucks that look good. I don't want to spend $$$$$$ on that technicorm(sp?) unit. Please, no Mr Coffee's either, had bad luck with them in the past. Any recs? Thanks!

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  1. Zojirushi. It was the top-rated carafe type by CR. It uses the V-type filter, heats the water very hot so you don't need to use very much coffee you'll find. It keeps the coffee hot enough to drink for at least three hours without burning and damaging it. I think they go for about $90 at either Amazon or most retailers. I recall that we caught ours on sale at Newegg for $69 with free shipping a couple of years ago. We love it and would never go back to a glass carafe.

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      I am reading rewviews now and it seems to be the best seller on amazon but seems people have spill overs all the time if the carafe is not exactly in the correct position when brewing. do you have any problems? Is this your model?

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        we own the zojirushi and i love it. it's not the position of the carafe - that just pops into the right position. it's the grind of the coffee. if the coffee is ground too find, it blooms up and gets sludgy at the bottom and then there are spill-overs. it took me a while to figure it out.

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          I'd day the finer the grind the stronger the coffee. Plus, you have to put the pot under the place where coffee comes down. It clicks into place

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            That is the model and we love it. Have your coffee ground fine and run it in here and you will have excellent coffee. you may use half the roast ground coffee than before. I don't know why hers was spilling over. I guess not in place (it goes in the round thiing)


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              Above redgirl is saying if you grind it too fine it overflows but you are saying to grind the coffee fine? I'm lost now??? Anyway, I just ordered it. We don't grind it fine, just normal.

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                i can only tell you my experience. we use it twice a day. i use a very dark french roast ground 1 step less fine than the auto drip setting on the black grinders at the coffee store and that works well. the first few times you use it, just lift the lid 3/4 of the way through the brewing. if the water is all the way at the top of the filter, take a spoon and stir up the grinds and water gently. this will allow the water to go through. and that will be an indication that you were overenthusiastic in either your amount of coffee or the size of the grind.

                it's really a lovely (tall) coffeemaker.

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                  Got new zojirushi and so far so good. Made coffee this morning and it went well, no problems, coffee was hot and no spillovers.

                  1. re: javaandjazz

                    As long as the pot is centered in that little circle indentation it shouldn't spill over. Hope you injoy it as much as we do.

          2. re: junescook

            Ditto on the Zojirushi. W've had ours now for about a year and have been thrilled with it. Yes, I would love to have the Technivorm but can't rationalize the $200+

          3. i have a cuisinart don't see a model name or number. the problem i've had with others is they dribble and spill when pouring. this one doesn't. the super cheap fix is to get the coffee maker you love and buy a couple of thermal carafes and pour the pot contents into one as soon as coffee's made.

            1. I just went through this and decided on the 12 cup Cuisinart...goes for $99 or well, keeps the coffee very hot for hours...easy to use...

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                We also have the 12 cup Cuisinart, and have had this and prior to it, its earlier model for years now. Works great, and the carafe holds heat very well. Even 5 hours later the coffee will still be warm enough to produce steam when I pour it. (Not that it may actually be hot enough for most people, but just as an illustration of how long it can keep coffee warm...)

                1. re: PegS

                  Pup and Peg, can you pls let us know which model(s) you have - e.g., was it with the built in coffee grinder? And Peg, what was your prior model? I thought some of the Cuisinart thermal carafe coffeemakers had leakage problems so wanted to clarify which ones you've had good luck with.

                  Many thanks!

                  1. re: iyc_nyc

                    Yes, it's the DTC 975...There is no "press the button 1-4" on this model: it is very simply and elegantly designed: turn it on, it brews and turns itself off when complete...want to program? Very easy to do, very few things to press. I had a Krups carafe earlier, and this model keeps the coffee much hotter for much longer. One caveat: it is difficult to clear the carafe because the opening is rather small. You need to purchase a thin brush that won't scratch the interior...Overall, the coffee maker works well...(I believe the 10 cup model does not receive as many "positive" responses on Amazon as does the 12.)

              2. I too have the Cuisinart 12-cup Thermal Carafe coffee maker. It does not have the grinder inside it. We love the machine. We've never had any issues with overflow or leaking or anything like that. It keeps the coffee hot for hours (once a week I have one cup, go do my grocery shopping, come home and finish it and it's still perfect).

                Highly recommended.

                ETA: Oh, I see you are looking for model numbers. I don't see the number on my machine but my instruction booklet says it's the DTC-975 series. Hope that helps.

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                1. I gad a Cusinart one, and I felt that the coffee was never hot enough. Conceptually I liked it, but in practice it was a disappointment

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                    I've had a Cuisinart carafe for over a year. The way to get the coffee "hot enogh" is by pressing the "1 to 4 cups" button. All that button does is to make the water temperature hotter to compensate for the shorter brewing time of only 1 to 4 cups. Brewing takes a bit longer, especially if you're brewing a full pot because you have to wait for a greater volume of water to heat up, but the water is certainly hotter.