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Jun 13, 2010 12:49 PM

White Rock Coffee - new ownership

Stopped in at White Rock Coffee this morning to buy some of my favorite locally-roasted coffee only to find they have a new owner (sign listed Matt Johnson, I believe?). The coffee I was expecting has been replaced by vacuum-sealed bags from Madcap coffee of Grand Rapids, MI. The "coffee of the day" descriptions of the two varieties available were indecipherable, and the counter service wasn't much help, so I'll have to wait to see how it comes out on the french press before passing judgement. (The cup of drip coffee I took away wasn't anything to be excited about, but there's a lot of variables there so again, not passing judgement yet.) Of course, who's to know if this is what I should expect going forward? I haven't been able to find any chatter about this change, so thought I'd start the discussion and see if there's more info out there.

Anyone that's been into Angry Catfish - do they sell whole bean Intelligentsia or just brew with it?


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  1. Angry Catfish does indeed sell whole bean intelligentsia

    1. I have been a loyal coffee buyer from this establishment all the way back when it was Bean Counters. It's too bad that they switched to MadCap. I tried one African Varietal, and it was decidedly OK. Their coffee that they are now selling more expensive. They are selling their coffee beans at roughly the same price as the previous owner's of White Rock however they are in 12 Oz packages as opposed to 1 Lb which makes it more expensive. Sadly, I will not be making my purchases there anymore, which is too bad because I liked the staff and store. I did find the roaster who supplied White Rock's coffee, so you can still buy those awesome beans online. Here is the link:

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        I go back even further to when it was The Roastery. At that time, it was the only place other than Dunn Bros that roasted its beans on premises.

        The other thing I liked about White Rock (and the predecessors) is that there were coffee of the day beans available in half-pound bags for $1 off the regular price.

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          True Stone beans are also available at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market off of Lyndale across from the International Market Square on weekends - try their FTO Guatemala Huehuetenango or the FTO FR Mexican Chiapas. Seriously awesome.

          I personally find it strange and mildly (emphasis on mildly) offensive that shops like the Angry Catfish and Quixotic prefer to use non-locally roasted beans, seeing how we have a number of really quality roasters in town (B & W, True Stone, J & S). However, I think that they are doing really great things in changing how people see coffee - that different brewing methods yield different results, that not all coffees only taste like coffee (think about the tangerine in a really great peaberry, or the vanilla ice cream feel of a well-roasted Timor), and that it really is a luxury to have this hand-picked, specially processed fruit seed shipped in from all across the world. If you're looking for another White Rock in Quixotic, you're not going to find it, but if you move past that I think you'll find something really wonderful in the new approach they're taking to coffee.

        2. See my Limu Coffee post (New Brighton) they roast their own.

          Limu Coffee
          500 5th Ave NW Ste 109, Saint Paul, MN 55112