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Different honey flavor profiles...how best to feature them?

I'm having a love affair....but my husband need not worry...it's with a sweetener!

I've become a little addicted to Tupelo & Wildflower honeys. I've had them on everything from waffles to lamb chops to Stilton.

What are your favorite uses for honey that highlights the flavor? I know there are countless varieties, but what are your favorites?

The honey I use is raw unprocessed from Echo Hill Country Store in Fleetwood, PA. They have a great selection at a wonderful price.

Thanks for your input!


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  1. When I want to highlight the flavor of a particular honey I try to find the most bland fresh bread as a vehicle for carrying the full flavor of the honey to the diner. Communion crackers work very well.

    1. While I like to combine honey with orange juice and zest to marinate chicken in, we think the best way to really enjoy the flavor of the honey itself is on hot, buttered biscuits.

      1. Two things: in a very light-flavored herbal tea, and as the flavoring for yogurt. I think those two applications really bring out the flavor of the honey itself. However, on whole-wheat toast is my personal favorite.

        I think complementary flavors are great too -- sourwood honey with a super-funky goat cheese, or something like that.

        I love to bake bread using strong-flavored local honey, especially whole wheat bread, the plainer the better, not one of those no-knead or artisan-type breads, but just a normal loaf of wheat bread with a fair amount of strong-flavored honey. It really brings something special to your morning toast and coffee! :)

        1. These are all really good suggestions! I love honey on toast as well. Hmm, biscuits! haven't made those in a while.

          Yogurt is such a great thought, thanks!

          1. Buttermilk biscuits.

            Sometimes when I drizzle honey on my biscuits, I don't know what is doing more of the highlighting -- the biscuits highlighting the honey, or the honey highlighting the biscuits.

            1. I use orange blossom honey on a ricotta mousse with lemon infused fresh fruits

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                what a delightful summer dessert, letizia!

                (and what a beautiful setting you live in there in umbria -- from your nice blog).

              2. the most awesome honey i've ever tasted was italian wild chestnut honey -- it was served in d.c.'s national gallery of art garden café with walnuts & stilton. i'd grown up with orange blossom and clover honey, and the savory nature of the wild chestnut honey was so surprising.

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                  I wonder who packaged it, the one I bought has languished in my fridge since I tasted it - tastes like melted plastic to me. Very odd.

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                    oh, i wish i knew, because i'd buy it pronto. the meal was linked to the english show about three years ago. they also served an awesome cold bean and bacon salad. i'd love the recipe for that.

                    maybe i can ask on the local board.

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                      by the way, i emailed the national gallery of art's press office later in the day, asking the question, and also for their bean salad recipe! no reply yet.....

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                        Hope you hear something, I know the Freer is not terrifically responsive to emails.

                        1. re: buttertart

                          because they're "freer" not to do work! ;-)).
                          maybe they're hanging out here: http://blogs.princeton.edu/wri152-3/r...

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                            Tee hee...that is a beautiful room. I was once there and inquired about a particular Chinese painting (by Tang Yin, a wonderful painter of the Ming dynasty of whose paintings very few survive) that wasn't on display. They said with notice they'd arrange to show it to us, that it was our right as US persons to see whatever was in their collection on demand. Was a different story when I emailed to ask for the same...resounding non-response to several emails. Good to know that the caf in the Nat'l Gallery is worth eating in.

                2. I tried some tupelo on what I made for my Dh last night...fried chicken and waffles. I wonder where THAT taste combination has been all my life?

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                      That looks good! Shame it's 3000 miles from me. :)

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                        Oh I don't mean you should go there. I thought you actually went there because there is where I got my first waffle with chicken. Where did you get yours? Best.

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                          I think Tenn? Probably some mom/pop place. It was great waffles but just ok chicken. But I thought the combo was good. I made little waffle/chicken sandwiches. :)

                          I try to avoid something I can get at home if I'm out of town. I thought it was just a "southern thing" that only a few restaurants did until I saw an episode of Throw Down with Flay...apparently it's a entire sub-culture.

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                            Ha ha


                            I certainly did not think of the waffle chicken sandwishes. Although now that you mentioned it, the combo seems very natural.

                  1. I like honey, but I don't know much about honey. My favor is to use honey on waffles. I think that is just awesome, ya know. Although some time I eat it straight with a knife. Oh yes, do you like comb honey? Last I had was the wild flower comb honey. I bought it from the Reading Market in Philly, PA. Best.

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                      Chem, do you properly chew the comb?

                      A good buckwheat honey on fresh warm cornbread...

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                        I do chew the comb and then swallow it. I am new to this though. Is there a proper way to chew it? I heard I should chew it like bubble gum, except I need to swallow it at the end.

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                          Wll, not a proper way to "chew," but it shoud be chewed for proper comb honey enjoyment, yes, just like gum. I don't swallow the wax personally but if you do it won't hurt you.

                    2. As others have said, on a biscuit is wonderful, or on a piece of toasted baguette topped by a thin slice of Parm-Reggiano cheese, slightly melted and then drizzle on the honey.

                      And drizzled into a thick Greek yogurt is absolutely sublime!

                      Or drizzle it over a broiled fig stuffed with goat cheese.

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                        You're making me hungry! Yum, figs!

                      2. Sourwood honey is my favorite. The flavor reminds me of buttery caramel with a hint of maple syrup. It is really great when mixed into your favorite BBQ sauce to give your ribs a shiny glaze and addictive sugar kick.