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Jun 13, 2010 11:27 AM

Different honey flavor best to feature them?

I'm having a love affair....but my husband need not's with a sweetener!

I've become a little addicted to Tupelo & Wildflower honeys. I've had them on everything from waffles to lamb chops to Stilton.

What are your favorite uses for honey that highlights the flavor? I know there are countless varieties, but what are your favorites?

The honey I use is raw unprocessed from Echo Hill Country Store in Fleetwood, PA. They have a great selection at a wonderful price.

Thanks for your input!


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  1. When I want to highlight the flavor of a particular honey I try to find the most bland fresh bread as a vehicle for carrying the full flavor of the honey to the diner. Communion crackers work very well.

    1. While I like to combine honey with orange juice and zest to marinate chicken in, we think the best way to really enjoy the flavor of the honey itself is on hot, buttered biscuits.

      1. Two things: in a very light-flavored herbal tea, and as the flavoring for yogurt. I think those two applications really bring out the flavor of the honey itself. However, on whole-wheat toast is my personal favorite.

        I think complementary flavors are great too -- sourwood honey with a super-funky goat cheese, or something like that.

        I love to bake bread using strong-flavored local honey, especially whole wheat bread, the plainer the better, not one of those no-knead or artisan-type breads, but just a normal loaf of wheat bread with a fair amount of strong-flavored honey. It really brings something special to your morning toast and coffee! :)

        1. These are all really good suggestions! I love honey on toast as well. Hmm, biscuits! haven't made those in a while.

          Yogurt is such a great thought, thanks!

          1. Buttermilk biscuits.

            Sometimes when I drizzle honey on my biscuits, I don't know what is doing more of the highlighting -- the biscuits highlighting the honey, or the honey highlighting the biscuits.