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Jun 13, 2010 10:18 AM

PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet

I am SO glad this is 25 miles from my Cape Cod and I am glad I do not reside FT on Cape Cod..this place is sinful in the best possible way. Actually I am not going to tell you how delectable their raspberry brioche was or the fresh cherry cloufotis or the amazing homemade hot chocolate or the fromage bread or the croissants..yes yes, ate a little of all today..what's left will be devoured soon... Oh oh the homemade hot chocolate was worth the 50 mile drive. it was bittersweet, hot and kept stealing sips.

I met some men outside who devoured a white chocolate bread loaf before my very eyes. Kids were chewing away on chocolate croissants flakey filled with chocolate ooze...wowoow...

Oh it was raining and it was still packed a line out the door!!

It's not laid out well as folks are all crammed in trying to get in and out but who cares..everyone is smiling and having fun and waiting for their pastry bliss...

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  1. I just want to confirm that everything phelana says is absolutely true. My opinion is that this place has better pastry than any place in Boston. I hope they can keep up the quality standards throughout the summer onslaught of customers. I was there at 7:15am on a sunday and the line was already out the door. I second the raspberry brioche. The danishes as well, which are almost always so stale and syrupy elsewhere, were out of this world. Light pastry, fresh clean tasting vanilla custard. I'm counting the days until I get back there.

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      Thanks for all the recs for PB Boulangerie - we went there this morning, and waited about 30 minutes, but it was SO worth the wait. We got a tarte aux fruits, chocolate croissant, croissant aux fruits (blueberries), and a raspberry almond thing. They were all absolutely amazing - esp. the croissant aux fruits, which I can't recommend highly enough. It looks like a danish, but is 20x better... Such an amazing place. I am kind of glad that I don't live closer - it's addictive!

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        even in the heat, their hot chocolate is to die for...bittersweet yum..don't get the white chocolate bread..haaa

        1. re: phelana

          Why not the white chocolate bread?

          My only complaint is that they don't have any iced beverages (e.g., coffee) - "no ice on the premises!"

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            Just back from our annual week in Eastham, where we hit up PB more than once. Note that they are closed on Monday and Tuesday. For those that wish to work off the calories, they are located right off the bike trail. Thus, we were able to bike there and back one day, and have breakfast on their beautiful porch. I had a yogurt parfait with a raspberry croissant. I brought a raspberyy brioche back for later and ended up letting my daughter have it, but the taste I got first confirmed it was fabulous. On our way back from boating at Gull Pond later the same day, we stopped and got a loaf of pain fromage, and it was so hot, it was hard to break off pieces. On our breakfast trip, there were some charming French men doing a tasting demo of their own olive oil, which they're importing from France. We met the chef/owner of PB while talking to them- he was very nice and gracious. The fruit tart is to die for, and they decorate it with some real flowers. They also have two herb gardens outside. I have to agree about the iced tea, as I would have loved one, and my teen daughter and her friend ate lunch there, and were surprised to find no salads on the menu. Otherwise, it truly lives up to the hype, and I will no doubt have to put in some extra gym time this week as a result...

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              I was just there and they do have some frozen drink machines going--one looked like it was churning a frozen coffee/mocha type drink and one a lemon conconction. I ran the 5mile road race in Wellfleet this morning (who knew the coastline could be so hilly--grueling!) so PB this afternoon was my reward. I got my fave, the apricot danish & it is heavenly. The coffee is also excellent, even the decaf which i drink. I've been a few times now and am still looking forward to my next trip and trying new things. I've had quite a few and all sublime.

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                Sally I was being sarcastic...sorry..the white chocolate bread is sinful...ya, what is that frozen drink stuff??

                1. re: phelana

                  The frozen drink is delicious!! It was a vanilla bean mocha! Sweet and icy cold!! Went perfectly with my chocolate croissant!

                  1. re: kristinmarachi

                    Kristin, SHUT UP...cannot wait for Sept. when I am back....YUM

    2. We had dinner at the Bistro on Saturday. Started with the sweetbread appetizer special, pan fried on brown lentils with veal reduction. It was quite good and in a portion that could have easily been an entree. There were no dinner specials that night - I and another in our party ordered the cod, the Risotto Limone was well received, and the SO had Legumes du Jardin. Finished off with the crepes suzette which were fantastic. Overall the food was good but not stunning like the baked goods.

      The service, however, leaves much to be desired. Front of house gave us the option of either waiting for a table (we did have a reservation) or to take a table on the patio and gave an annoyed look and an eye roll when we wanted to check with our female dining companions about temperature, ambiance and such. before deciding (we ended up sitting outside). Our server was friendly but sloppy, a lot of leaning over us, no bread plates, etc. Drinks often stood empty. The food was terribly slow to come out, probably 30 minutes to get the app, and them another 40 minutes for entrees.

      All in all I would give PB another shot, perhaps in the fall when it's less busy and whatever seasonal staff they have has left. I would have rather spent the meal at Blackfish where the food is comparable, the ambiance much cozier and the staff are more professional.

      I took a blurry photo of the dinner menu in case you're interested, as it's not to be found anywhere online....

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      1. re: wongadon

        We had the same experience except perhaps worse! No cocktail ('I'm sorry to tell you but there's a long back-up of orders with the [one] bartender"), the price-y plateau aux fruits de mer had a ceviche of un-nameable fish which the server could not even identify for us which was in any case, tasteless, and "lobster a la russe" which tasted off!, the sommelier appeared with our wine chosen for that course after we had finished eating it, and then the appetizers (sweetbreads like you had, pretty good, and fois gras, also good) didn't come out for over an hour! by that time we were tipsy with the wine the sommelier kept pouring out of guilt, and with no food. We were just about to leave when the dishes finally arrived. At this point, many of the diners who had come after us were already done with dinner. When the waitress finally came, she looked at me and calmly told me they had run out of the special which I had ordered. Mind you, I had ordered over 2 hours prior! She did not even offer to comp me another entry, so I sat with nothing and got fed pieces of my husband's steak (pretty good). Then the chef came flouncing out smiling smarmily and promised in his best fake French accent that our next reservation would be on him!
        What does that mean? On top of it all we had to put up with the waitress who wasn't a waitress complaining about her boyfriend, her 3-month pregnancy, and the waste of food she witnessed on a daily basis. That didn't prompt her, however, to offer us a take-home bag of the unbelievable delicious cranberry bread she had brought us that we asked to take home, or a free loaf of pain multigraine of which they had baked too many that afternoon.
        Why did this happen?? Perhaps because the owner, his investors and sycophants were in the house.
        I will never go back.

        1. re: alfresca

          This sounds like they have bitten off more baguette than they can chew. If they had just stuck to the bakery, all would be fine (well, once they got that whole server/cashier backlog thing worked out, lol).

          1. re: BlueSoup

            holy them a favour and copy and paste your post and email it to them..they NEED to know what folks are saying..I would also post it on

            Back to the bakery, it's sublime but I will pass on dinner. My time and money is too dear to waste on horrid service. Mac's Shack up the road has AMAZING servers...PB did not hire well with that preggo downer lady..

            1. re: phelana

              Alfresca and wongadon, yes, you should let them know this. Or, let's just hope they read chowhound. That preggo waitress needs not to "share" so much.

        2. re: wongadon

          Just a followup - Our bill was $160 for 2 couples, the other couple wanted to pay in cash with a $100 bill. We didn't want to worry about splitting the $100 later so we asked the server to charge $60 to the card, our check showed $60, we tipped $40. Fast forward - we receive a rather not nice surprise on our AmEx bill - apparently the server charged $160 to the card. Called PB letting them know that we would dispute with AmEx and they promptly refunded the difference. However, they did so with a "this isn't the first time" sort of attitude and very little apology. Not thrilled. Anyhow, caveat emptor my friends...

        3. This won't help shorten those lines! Sounds like my Wellfleet vacations came about 40 years too soon.

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          1. re: Bob W

            well, if you are in W'Fleet you know about it...good PR for the folks at PB..hope they can get the bistro together bc the stuff I am reading is not personal gripe is organize the bakery and out the same door with a line out the door is a freakshow but everyone is so friendly and what lies inside is worth every minute of that wait..wowsa

          2. PB is absolutely wonderful.The lines are obnoxious as the smug customers but its WORTH it..These are french pastries and bread the way God intended,and its nothing short of a miracle that you can savor them at the beach...The Bistro is awesome too...don't be so harsh and let them find themseves..

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              We were there several times during our June vacation; mostly breads and pastries to go, but we did have a pleasant breakfast there. However, my husband went back in late July to purchase more olive oil that they sell; it's imported from France, and they were having a tasting when we were first there. We paid $15/btl in June; when he went back a month later, they charged $23 for the same bottle. One was marked $15, so he complained to the cashier, a young student who didn't know what to do. When she asked, she was told that they had to charge the marked price, but they insisted the others were $23 due to a price increase. I think it's more like capitalizing on their fame, and we're now a little less enamored with the place.

            2. Making my annual pilgrimage off the Rock (Nantucket) in October for Wellfleet Oyster Fest. Our group usually eats at Wicked Oyster, Mac's Shack, Blackfish. Someone wants to try PB Boulangerie for dinner. I am hesitant as it sounds like they just haven't gotten their act together service-wise and the reviews here and on yelp are not great. Has it gotten any better? I am accustomed to paying through the nose for mediocre food and service on Nantucket and I don't need to do it off-island, too. Thanks.

              Wicked Oyster
              50 Main St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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              1. re: ciclista

                I'd go to Jimmy's Hideaway in Ptown instead.

                1. re: BlueSoup

                  Thanks, Blue. I've heard good things about Jimmy's. I am also thinking about Napi's. Just trying to change it up this year.

                  Napi's Restaurant
                  7 Freeman St, Provincetown, MA 02657

                  1. re: ciclista

                    Ciclista, I am dying to try Front St. Everyone in P Town I spoke to recommends it..

                    1. re: phelana

                      Wow....Front Street...good to know! I haven't eaten there since 1979.

                      1. re: ciclista

                        My reliable foodie friends opinions on the above: Front Street disappointing this year, suggests Blackfish instead. She also said PB dinner just ok though bread and pastries to die for. She just came home yesterday.

                        Front Street Restaurant
                        230 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

                        1. re: magiesmom

                          magiesmom......I hear the same thing as you regarding Front Street these days from several of my PTown foodie friends. Looks like their better days could be behind them.

                          1. re: CapeCodGuy

                            We spent two weeks on the outer cape and did indeed enjoy PB. The pastries were great as were some of the breads. But the attitude was way too much, the coffee mediocre and they did not steam up milk fresh for each cafe au lait and got snotty when asked politely to do so. All in all I like Connie's in PTown better as a full experience. And NOTHING can beat their nut roll IMHO.

                            1. re: magiesmom

                              Agian, I agree with you re: attitude at PB. I've decided to continue going to French Memories in Duxbury as it's about the same distance from me as PB is in Eastham. French Memories is every bit as good in my opinion. The selection is similar yet the also serve breakfast and lunch at prices far more reasonable on the wallet than PB. I always get a loaf of bread and a couple of Ham & Swiss Bechamels to go. The tarts and croisants are especially nice too. It's in a quaint old building in a quaint waterfront town. (They have 2 other locations in the Boston area) Service is always friendly and knowlegable without attitude. The food, bread and sweets are authentic and delicious. Worth the stop.


                          2. re: magiesmom

                            We had a fabulous dinner at Front Street their last night open of the season--maybe in October; we are there almost every weekend through December, so can't remember. We had a table of 8 and everyone enjoyed their dinners. I will definitely go back to Front Street when they reopen for the season.

                            We had two experiences for dinner at PB; the first one, we sat at the bar. It was in May and we got there late. We had a marvelous meal, great service, and a lovely glass of wine. The second time, late fall, we sat "outside" in the covered porch with heat lamps that really didn't keep the place warm enough. I kind of wish when we called as we were driving down from Boston that they would have told us they were full. Everyone was warm and cozy "inside" while the rest of us were shivering outside. Different experience entirely. Food was good--I had an Asian fusion tuna dish with star anise that was very good, but my wife's dish was unmemorable. We will go back, but our expectations are a bit modified at this point.
                            Love love love Blackfish in Truro. The people are great, the food is delicious. We will absolutely make this a regular stop on Friday nights as we head to Ptown.

                            Front Street Restaurant
                            230 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657