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English breakfast in Calgary?

  • alau2 Jun 13, 2010 10:01 AM
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Does anyone know anywhere in Calgary that serves full English breakfast? (Bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast, sausages, beans and even blood pudding?)

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  1. Yes, Calgary's best pubs (Limeriks, Joyce on 4th, Kilkenny, Seanachie, Donegal) does or at least used to serve this on the weekend.

    1. Nowhere in Calgary does a real 'full English'. With a bit of work though you can buy some of the essentials and do your own. Some decent free run eggs. Superstore just started selling a decent English style back bacon (it's packaged as Wiltshire Bacon). You can get the UK Heinz baked beans from any english store. You can pick up a good black pudding from a butchers. Throw a slice of fried bread into the mix with the mushrooms and toms and you're getting somewhere close. Still haven't sourced a good English-style sausage to go with this yet though. That's still the missing piece.

      1. I had something approximating full English at the Drum & Monkey two weeks ago; 1st St and 11th Ave SW. IIRC, everything but the blood pudding but adding a big heap of hash browns, $8.99.

        Pity the soccer game didn't exactly live up to the full English expectations.