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Jun 13, 2010 09:23 AM

Best hidden secrets in New Hampshire? Thin Crust Pizza, Burgers, Wings?

I recently moved to Manchester NH in November and have been disappointed with the food selections thus far...My reviews have been for the most part OK, Bad, and Worse, but maybe I'm bias after living in Chicago, NYC, and Boston for the past 10 years.
Wherever I go, I always am on a mission to find great "Mom & Pop shop" comfort foods, one or two really great fine dining places, as well as dependable decent delivery options for those late night cravings.
After reading reviews of local businesses, I have tried a couple recommended favorites, but with no real good results. Anyone care to share their favorite finds?

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  1. What places did you go to? What was it that you didn't like?

    One of the best burgers I've had here was at Wild Willie's (Rochester/Dover, I don't remember).

    The bias for what you're used to will take a little while to get past, but a great thing in NH is the availability of local ingredients, straight from the farm. To me, those are the best kept secrets.

    And if you like beer, check out Bert's Better Beers in Hooksett.

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      I discovered Wild Willy's and LOVED it - fantastic burger! There is also one up in Me. by Cabella's:

    2. Pizza in NH sucks. Sorry, but that's reality. The only pizza I've found that I like is Pizzico in Nashua. They also have one in Merrimack.

      I live in Nashua so since it's close to you, I'll give you the places I like.

      Mexican - Tacos Colima....she makes her own tortillas.
      Korean - Shira Kiku
      Middle Eastern - Cedar's Cafe
      Nice dinner - Saffron Bistro, Michael Timothys
      Vietnamese - Vietnam Noodle House

      And those are pretty much the only places we go.

      Michael Timothy's
      212 Main St., Nashua, NH 03060

      Saffron Bistro
      80 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060

      Vietnam Noodle House
      138 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060

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        Curious as to the other pizza places you've tried in Nashua. We've tried almost all of them and at this point here is our top 3, but we really miss the great pizza we had when we lived in CT and MA, and are always searching for good pizza.

        1. Sky Market at Exit 1
        2. Bertuccis (but too expensive to do frequently)
        3. Family Pizza on Main Dunstable/Conant

        1. re: JWNash

          Sky Market I did not like.

          I try to avoid chains so I don't do Bertuccis....I'd rather support local mom and pop places whenever possible.

          Had Family Pizza for the first time a few weeks ago and it was average.

          I used to enjoy Olive N Herb but they are no longer here.

          Espresso just doesn't do it for me either.

          I want a nice crust....sauce that isn't over-salted or over-sugared (really I want no sugar)...and mozz cheese (none of that greasy cheddar mixture crap).

          I'm really hoping the new place, Crush, will be good when they open in'll be wood fired.

          1. re: rizzo0904

            I used to go to Bertucci's when I first moved here because it was the one place I could get a decent crust and fresh mozzarella. I didn't mind Espresso, they did a little better with the crust, but still too sweet on the sauce. I went to Bob's Pizza once, which wasn't bad. In the end, the thing that always ruins the pizza around here is the sauce! Some places do have awful (must be pre-made???) crust, but it's the same thing over and over with the sweet sauce! So frustrating. Johnny Troy's did at least have a sauce that wasn't sweet, but it was too heavy on the oregano. Valentino's in Milford (this was a big surprise) had a decent crust, but I wouldn't be bothered to eat it again because of the sauce. Sigh.

            and I agree somewhat, that it is unfair to make a blanket statement about all NH pizza being terrible, but really, there is a lot of great pizza that people up here are missing out on. If the pizza here was so great, we'd be reading articles about the pizza place worth a drive from anywhere. I have yet to read anything about NH pizza outside of NH.

            Bob's Pizza
            115 E Hollis St, Nashua, NH 03060

            1. re: rizzo0904

              If you don't want "chain" or "mass produced" pizza, you owe it to yourself to get to DW Pizza (on DW Hwy near three amigos) - and order any one of their pizzas. My regular order there is their spinach pizza (with about 1/3 of the cheese they usually put onto it), slightly overcooked - the spinach comes out nice and crispy and the crust is TDF.

          2. re: rizzo0904

            I disagree with the blanket statement that pizza in NH sucks. Espresso in Nashua used to be good (haven't been in awhile) and we like Pizza Man in Hooksett. If you're looking for NY or Chicago pizza in NH then you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

            Pizza Man
            663 Broad St, Lyndonville, VT 05851

            1. re: jread23

              The closest I've found to NY/NJ pizza is Soprano's on Main St. Very good, and my favorite up here.

            2. re: rizzo0904

              I'm not a pizza expert, but had a craving (specifically for spinach or white pizza) and my search found this thread. I'm in Nashua, so am leaning toward Gianni's or Nashua House for spinach. I don't know of any local places with white pizza.

              Fwiw, I also found some good info at this blog: You can also follow them on twitter and facebook.

              However, it did occur to me that no one has mentioned Flatbread Company. I've been to the one in North Conway and liked it a lot. While they do have several locations (ie, not Mom and Pop), they do seem committed to fresh, local and organic. The pizzas are wood-fired "designer" pizzas and the beers are great. Nice atmosphere. While I haven't tried it, I've heard about a "sweet potato" pizza that is occasionally run as a special that customers rush in for when available.

              While I do go down to Cambridge and Somerville often for dining and music, Portsmouth is still my go-to place in NH. It's easier to park and I like walking around town. I like a place where I can walk to one place for drinks, another for dinner and a third for music. You can find some info here:

              Flatbread Company
              138 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

              1. re: natureboy

                Gianni's makes some of the worst pizza I've ever had.

            3. Manchester has great dining choices, but I noticed your other two posts were about burger joints. No offense, but this town is pretty diverse, and if you like ethnic food, there are huge choices. Delivery is pretty much limited to pizza and Chinese, none very good. Johnny Troy does a great thin crust pizza, down near the airport. Skip 900 Degrees. Pattie Shack looks promising. Consuela's has pretty good Tex/Mex downtown. Everybody loves the chicken tenders at the Backroom, but I'm not impressed. If you want a great bowl of pho, a good shwarma, or Nepali, Manchvegas is the place to be. Do you like fried clams? Woodman's at Mel's Funway Park in Litchfield is the best!

              Litchfield's Restaurant
              RR 1, Wells, ME 04090

              900 Degrees
              50 Dow St, Manchester, NH 03101

              1. I too like Pizzaco, the only place I really enjoy pizza now. Usually visit for lunch either place and almost always get the pizza. Used to really like Ciro's for pizza and salad only, but since they left I hadn't found anyplace else that I liked, so just would make my own.

                1. the farmer's market just opened today for the season, great band playing, lots of great stuff - I was sort of running through but picked up some nice mussles from a fish stand, some nice radishes and lil apple pie for an employee that worked hard today. lots of great wine booths, strawberry booths, organic farms, pet stuff and baked items too - oh and fudge table.

                  It's on Chestnut and ???? in downtown Manchester! Every thurs 3-6.