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Jun 13, 2010 08:58 AM

Has anyone tried "crazy wings"

I was driving by Yonge and Finch today and just noticed this place called "Crazy Wings". Does anyone have any info/feedback on this place?

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  1. I just saw it the other day myself, I live in the area and that used to be a Korean place I think. Haven't been there yet but would love to hear from someone who has! I think it is very new (like, weeks old)

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      Yeah well I live at Yonge and Sheppard so I drive past Yonge and Finch a lot. I agree, I thinks your right when you see only weeks old.

      I'm interested to see if any feedback come here.

    2. I was there with some friends a couple days ago. It's kind of like a Kelsey's done Korean style. THey have all the stuff you'd find in a pub plus some Korean. Their chocolate mint Iced Tea is good too, but not at all an "iced tea". Not a very big place, but plenty of TVs, and a patio, which is good because we went there to watch the South Korea game. We will definitely be going back there, all round good experience.

      Do you have a phone number or website for this place????? I want to call them to find out their hours.

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        Umm ...
        Anyone in your party try the wings? :-)

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          Yup, they were very good, but not "great!"

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            But were they "crazy"? That's what we really want to know.

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              Not really "crazy" at all and they have only about half a dozen flavours. I don't know what makes them "crazy", if you ask me. The wings are pretty saucy as well so if you like saucy wings, then maybe you'll like these ones. Still, I like having different flavour options, more than the typical hot, honey garlic, hot and sweet, medium and mild......

      2. I tried the Bulgogi beef burger there and it's tasty. They use chipped or sliced beef cooked in a flavorful sauce and pile it high on a bun (not ground beef), and the dish comes with fries. I only had it once there and I would definitely have it again.