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Jun 13, 2010 07:03 AM

ISO Fresh Artichoke Salad like we had in Barcelona

My sisters, niece and I spent a week in Barcelona. My younger sister's comment that Barcelona was our kind of place because there were artichokes on every menu was spot on!! Now that I am home I am craving the kind of raw artichoke salad we had there. Everything I find on the internet starts with canned artichokes. I found some baby artichokes in the market yesterday so what now? TIA

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  1. Ooooh, I love artichokes in any form. Here's my ultra simple version for a raw salad: Trim off the outer leaves so you are left with the tender, yellow inner leaves & heart, trim the stems, slice thin. Dress with lemon, olive oil, s, p. Et voilÄ!

    1. I'd suggest using just the heart, slicing thinly and dressing as fauchon suggests, but then I would put very thinly sliced pieces on parmesan on the top. Used to get it that way at Le Madre in NYC. It was so good.

      1. If you google raw artichoke salad you will find lots of recipes.