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Jun 13, 2010 06:37 AM

white wine vinegar

anyone know where I can find it in large quantities? I want to do some pickled veg and except for the lone 16 oz bottle I found at Whole Foods, they have all been around 10-12 oz. Just one of the recipes I am looking at calls for 3.5 cups and I am planning on making several batches.

Does Costco/Sam's carry it?

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  1. Good luck. I too do a lot of picking and finding white wine vinegar in quantity at a good price point is very difficult. I don't know where you are located but I have had luck at Italian groceries and some restaurant supply store. Let me know if you are in the Boston area and find some.

    1. BJ's had some the last time I needed it. Tthe bottle was Heinz brand and 5 liters. On edit,
      DOH! white WINE, just the regular at BJ's.

      1. This subject came up on a gardening forum I belong to a few years back, and it became clear after several days that, at least in Arizona, white wine vinegar is NOT easy to find in larger sizes. Maybe because of the popularity of white wine? I don't know. But we exhausted most of the usual sources (Costco, etc.) and came up with nothing.

        If you do find a good source, please say where.

        1. Try Italian specialty stores.

          For pickled vegetables, the Campagna brand is fine, and it's inexpensive too. You can get white wine OR red wine vinegar, and both are available in clear one litre bottles. Fortunately, for us here in NY, they can be had for $1.99 each, or 2/$3. You can't beat that anywhere AFAIK.

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